The Night Before Birth…LF Edition

Our newest baby, LF, is here! I am working on the birth story.  Before she was born, I wrote this letter to welcome her to the world:

Dear Baby C,

It’s currently 2:21 AM on December 29, 2017.  You might be born today.
I’m having trouble sleeping.  I’m so excited to meet you.  This happened with your brother as well.  With him, I had light contractions all afternoon and evening, and then sleep was fleeting until I finally got up at midnight and packed a hospital bag.  I thought, “If that happens again, I’m DEFINITELY going to get more sleep.”  I guess I didn’t remember that there’s more to it than just willing myself to sleep.  Every time I feel something happening tonight, I get so excited!  The contractions aren’t painful, just a sensation at this point, but the sensation is there and I can’t ignore it.
Our Christmas decorations are still up.  We just opened presents last night (well, on the 27th) because we were waiting for Aunt K and Uncle A to join us.  You got a few things.  Your sister KLC wanted matching outfits, so I bought you dresses that you’ll be able to wear together in a few months.  You also got some sweet outfits from aunts and uncles and a calendar of the year 2018 in moon cycles.  It will be your first year on the earth!
OK, I’m going to try to sleep some more on the couch.  The bed wasn’t doing it for me.  Before I go, though, here is an excerpt from the poem “What Is So Rare As A Day In June?”

Now is the high-tide of the year,
And whatever of life hath ebbed away
Comes flooding back with a ripply cheer,
Into every bare inlet and creek and bay;
Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it,
We are happy now because God wills it;
No matter how barren the past may have been,
‘Tis enough for us now that the leaves are green;

I read this to your big brother and big sister during our school time this fall. It is such a happy poem, and, though you are joining us in winter and not summer, it reminded me of the joy of birth.  “Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it.”  You, your daddy, your sister, your brother.  How am I so blessed?  God has indeed given us so many good things to enjoy.  My hope for your first year, for 2018, is to learn to enjoy each of my children fresh each day.  I want to savor each of you in your current forms and in your growth and new discoveries.

Your Mommy
P.S. please come today.  We can’t wait!
P.P.S. You’ll be born in the Bahamas, so even though it’s winter, the leaves are still green.

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