Posted in August 2014

KLC: Eating and Sleeping Update

Hi friends!  I just took the very important “What Career Were You Actually Meant For?” test, and guess what? WHO KNEW?!? Engineering, schmengineering.  I’ll be a famous blogger some day!  (BTW, I think this is the worst description of me/my aptitude in the history of time.) KLC is 20 months now, and her eating and sleeping … Continue reading

One Year in the Bahamas

Wow, we’ve been here a year.   T arrived on July 31, 2013, and KLC and I arrived on August 4, 2013. Highlights of the year Visitors: we’ve averaged about one visitor per month over the past year.  Actually, I just counted, and we’ve had exactly 12 overnight groups or single visitors, and we’ve had … Continue reading