Posted in November 2011

First Ever T&K Thanksgiving Day Menu

I know you’re all curious what we’re having for our Thanksgiving feast, so I’ll let you in on the planning 1 day early. Appetizer: (Oh wait, that’s a surprise for my family, so I can’t tell you yet) Main: Turkey, brined by sister A Sides: Mashed potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole, Sausage Apple and Cranberry Stuffing, … Continue reading

How to Keep a Home Tip #1: Mineral Oil

Disclaimer: we’re newlyweds, and we don’t actually know much about keeping a home.  There is a practical piece of advice buried in this post, but we don’t have much useful knowledge for the world yet. As T and I set up our home, we are finding that we know some things and we don’t know … Continue reading

Home again.

To celebrate being home with T, I will make a list (inspired by my friend K’s lists) of what I’m thankful for this week. 11.13: Worshiping at Grace Pres and  visiting my old CG. 11.14: Breakfasting with friend J after a night at their beautiful new home in Pleasanton; not getting accosted when the cash-only … Continue reading


I love days like this! So much symmetry, it makes my heart glad. I am sitting at my dear friend J’s house, working remotely, and savoring my time in Cali.  This trip seems sufficiently long enough to work out my wanderlust and teach me to stay near T’s side more consistently.  I will have slept … Continue reading

Whoa buddy. I hope this blog survives.

September was crazy.  Also all those months leading up to September were crazy.  We got engaged in March, I spent a month traveling for work, I spent a month planning a wedding, I spent a few months having showers/moving/meeting Trailer Dan/finding an apartment/going to marriage counseling.  And finally one big smashing wonderful wedding. October has … Continue reading

Wedding Reflections: The Cakes

Wedding Reflections: The Cakes

To begin my wedding reflection series, I will write about my cakes.  Why, you ask? Because I had the coolest cakes in the entire world.  Kate Middleton, step aside. The story of how my cakes came into being starts in 2008.  In July 2008, after living in California for two months with my long-time roommate … Continue reading

The Horse Cow Man

I don’t want to make an official call yet, but it looks like we may be starting to make some friends.  I have documentation of one of them: the Horse Cow Man. 50% Horse 50% Cow 50% Man Last night, we were invited to the house of T’s friend (the Horse Cow Man) from Bible … Continue reading