Posted in February 2018

LF: 1 Month

LF: 1 Month

My monthly updates are somewhat of a baby book for my kids, so here I am! Back with monthly updates for the newest member of the family, sweet LF. Thankfully, life has been MUCH more laid back with this third kid than either of the first two.  We didn’t take any flights.  We didn’t have … Continue reading

Letter to X on His 3rd Birthday

Dear X, I ended my last birthday letter to you this way, “You are easy to love.  You are a delight.  I have learned from you once again how to play and delight in the world around me.”  Would it be terrible to say that this year can be summed up the same way and … Continue reading

LF’s Birth Story

Amazing! Another baby came into our family on January 11, 2018. The ultrasound said that the baby would be a girl, and the due date was January 1, 2018.  I heard on a birthing podcast (yes, those exist. “The Birth Hour” is my favorite) that it’s typical to look at your last birth as the normative one.  Baby X … Continue reading

The Night Before Birth…LF Edition

Our newest baby, LF, is here! I am working on the birth story.  Before she was born, I wrote this letter to welcome her to the world: Dear Baby C, It’s currently 2:21 AM on December 29, 2017.  You might be born today. I’m having trouble sleeping.  I’m so excited to meet you.  This happened with your brother … Continue reading