LF: 2 Months and 3 Months

Here we are, plugging along with updates!

LF’s stats (measured at a well check at 2.5 months)

Head: 15 3/4 cm

Length: 23 3/4 in

Weight: 12 lb 13 oz (clothed)

Last post, I pondered whether LF would catch KLC’s baby stats, and she has surpassed her in weight.  She had a huge eating spurt!  I weighed her since these official stats, and she was 13 lb 3 oz.  Her weight gain seems to be nonlinear.  But again, I’m grateful for health and growth, especially since:

LF got sick.  😦  That was the lowlight of the past two months, for sure.   She caught a virus that was passing through the house and was sick simultaneously to T and X  (Poor T had to take care of the two big kids while he was sick as I cared for LF and took her to appointments).  KLC had the virus first and recovered after only half a day of illness.  Everyone else took days to recover.

This was the first time I’ve had a feverish baby under three months.  “They” say to take fevers in that demographic very seriously as babies’ immature temperature regulation can be quite dangerous.  I’ve never brought a child in for a fever, but I measured a rectal temperature of 100.8 and packed her up right then, at midnight, to go to the ER, because I didn’t have a way to contact our pediatrician about what to do.  The ER took the situation very casually, but the pediatrician the next day took us much more seriously.  Neither place took a rectal temperature, which I’ve been trained to understand as the only helpful temperature measurement for babies.  When I prompted, the pediatrician himself took LF’s rectal temperature, which measured 102.  Her ear temperature, measured 15 minutes earlier?  97.1.

Still, we avoided a hospital stay (which many places may have prescribed for a baby at 8 weeks), and confirmed with a bacterial culture and CBC that her illness was viral and not bacterial.

LF’s 3rd month was highlighted by her baptism, visitors and travel.  My sister A came for a long weekend, and T’s parents GG and Granddad came for a week.  GG and Granddad were here for the baptism, which was a lovely moment during the Palm Sunday service.

On the day after GG and Granddad left, the five of us flew together for the first time to the US.  We spent Easter with my family, and I brought LF to Nashville while the big kids had some Nana and Grandpa time.

LF proved herself ultra chill during our travels, and she was adored by all.  There are many things you can’t predict about travel with a baby, and it all went very well.

At three months, she’s rolled over several times and constantly works on her rolling skills when left on her back (curiously, she rolls both directions, and I only remember the other kids working on rolling one direction at a time).  BUT she’ll stop rolling if you get close and try to encourage her.  She’s so social that she would rather “talk” to you and interact.  What a special girl!





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