Five years of T and K

We celebrated our five year anniversary on Saturday! (the 24th of September…I didn’t upload the post right away because I wanted to add family photos our friend took in February of this year.)2016-february-family-photos-115

We had a “big” celebration a couple of weeks ago while on a trip to Michigan.  GG and Granddad kept the kids (Baby X, who is still night nursing, slept through the night. *high five emoji*), and we went to downtown Ann Arbor for a night at a boutique hotel, shopping, and an amazing dinner and brunch.  The actual day, Saturday, was more of a celebration of life right now.

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We started the day with pancakes, which is our weekly Saturday tradition.  Momma gets chocolate chip, kids get a combo of plain and blueberry, and daddy gets blueberry preferably but strawberry when the frozen blueberries run out.

There was no time to linger over pancakes as KLC had her second week of dance class at 9:15 AM.  She had “SO much fun.”  It feels like a big deal to have drop-off ballet and tap lessons culminating in a dance recital in June.  I wouldn’t have minded a lower-key dance studio, but it’s what we have, and I love that she loves it.  Also: I get an hour to myself!  This week, I treated myself to a cup of coffee at Starbucks and time to plan the week’s meals and doodle a timeline of our five years of marriage.

Back at home, we played for a while, had lunch, and put the kids down for their naps.  Most days they are simultaneous.  WOOHOO.

After naps, we headed out to a joint 3-year-old birthday party for two kids in our playgroup.  The party was a lot of fun, and I for one am going to be very sad when KLC gets to the stage of drop-off parties.  In Nassau (is this everywhere?), it’s quite common to cater as much to the parents as the kiddos with the food and beverages.  Mmm, fresh gourmet chocolate chip cookies, charcuterie board, and wine!

Simultaneously, the UT/Florida football game was playing, which was a come-from-behind WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was the first win over the Gators since my senior year, the fall of 2004!  I generally get a break during parties when T can attend, and I was especially grateful for this on Saturday so I could watch the game + chat with the other moms + eat plenty of snacks.  Poor T.  I did give him score updates as he kept both kids alive in the pool and other water paraphernalia.

Back at home, after closing out the party (the game was long!), we got the kids straight to bed and had a quiet night of reminiscing about our wedding.  We like to watch the wedding videos and look at the pictures every year.

It has been a year of learning for me, a year of opening up and learning to enjoy the right now.  Thank you, T, for supporting me. One thing that I continue to learn is what an amazing gift you are.  What will the next five years bring?



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