What We’re Up To: March 2016

Baby X: 13 months yesterday.
Standing all the time but not yet walking, eating well, loving daddy and rolling balls, playing often independently.


KLC: 3 1/4 years today
Active and independent; first riser in the house; still napping, dressing herself, and thriving with routine. Fixated on rocket ships and getting married.


We have visitors in town from Boston. I slept in a few extra minutes as T took them and some neighbors out for a pre-church boat excursion. It has been a nice, quiet morning with X. We made chocolate chip scones, read my book club book, played with cars, and then he nursed/napped on my chest while we listened to a talk by a new friend. (https://tommimom.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/enduring-the-difficult/).

The images above are from a walk through the grounds of Atlantis resort last night.

We are in the midst of a busy month. X and I traveled to the mountains of New Mexico for a gathering of Christian ladies. It was a healing time for me, and I am grateful to T for the opportunity and for his care for KLC in my absence along with the babysitting support from friends and neighbors.


We flew back and were greeted by a visit from GiGi and Granddad! What a fun time! The six of us then went on for an adventure in the Exuma islands, a short plane trip South of Nassau. We rented a condo in Georgetown and enjoyed excursions to nearby Stocking island and on a deep sea fishing charter. Highlights were T getting to participate in some serious sand volleyball with some of the sailing crowd who frequent Stocking Island, catching 10 mahi-mahi on our kid-free first deep sea fishing experience, and sweet grandparent time for the kids.






Now that X is 1, I’m considering a monthly “what we’re up to” post like this rather than the focused month-by-month newborn posts. I  intended to keep up a quarterly post with KLC but didn’t. We’ll see what happens!


What are your thoughts?

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