Baby X: 12 Months


Whew.  One year of posts!  I didn’t let you down, little second child.  (or, I didn’t fail my own likely skewed expectations of how to honor a second child?) The last post is only a week late.  You can’t fault me for being somewhat in denial that my baby isn’t really a baby, right?

12 months

SUCH  a sweetheart.  He melts me!  This week, he was playing away happily on the floor, as he does, and I was on the couch…doing something.  Resting?  Looking at Instagram? He came right over without complaint and pulled up on the couch and then onto my lap.  It seemed like he just wanted a little snuggle.  Or maybe he thought I needed a cheer up?

We celebrated his 1 birthday by buying helium balloons, which he LOVES LOVES, and having a small pancake party with friends and neighbors.  We gave him his first flour-containing food for his “smash pancakes.”  Our neighbor G decorated a stack of silver dollar pancakes with fresh whipped cream and blueberries.  He seemed to enjoy exploring the new foods, and KLC has enjoyed a new stash of presents.

We endured a double well check today, and both kids checked out well.  He got three pricks–one for a blood draw for a routine anemia check and two for immunizations.  What a trooper.  Big sister cried the hardest because…she was sad that he was crying? or she didn’t really understand what was happening?

His stats are:

Weight–21 lb 13 oz  (>50%, clothed…sigh, too big to need to take clothes off for weight like the little babies.)

Height–30.5″ (>75%)

Head Circumference–18.5″ (>75%)

Hers are:

Weight–36 lb 4 oz (>75%)

Height–39 3/4″ (>90%)

Head Circumference–19.5″ (75%, although I think she measured this small as it wasn’t on the widest part of her head, and she’s always been very high on this measurement)

Since last month, he has started free-standing quite a bit.  He stands pretty wide, though, and doesn’t seem to be getting too close to stepping out.  We’ll see!  Feb 23 is the adjusted date for when KLC started walking based on age.  Will he or won’t he walk by then?

12 month candid

As I’ve already gushed, he continues to be a super pleasant baby who plays independently a lot.  A new cute habit this week has been trying to put his feet into shoes.  I feel like he is a little young for this, recognizing that shoes go on feet and that he wants to join in the fun?  Or perhaps he is simply offended by the fact that he’s never worn shoes?  So maybe other babies do this way younger because they actually have shoes that get put on their feet?

I haven’t thought much about it this time around, but Yay! We made it to one year nursing again!  No pumping, no bottles, just baby + momma.  I gave him a tiny sip of whole milk, and he just kind of looked at me.  So, when will I wean?  Good question.  I’d like to be able to travel sans kids sooner than later.

I’m working on another post with my thoughts on parenting Baby X for his first year, a letter like I’ve written to KLC each year.  He is such a gift, and God has used his presence in our family to teach me in many ways.

Love you, my sweet Baby X.



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