Baby X: 11 Months

I’ve entered complete denial mode over having an almost-1 year old.  He doesn’t seem too happy about it either.  (Literally the only on-his-back picture I could get this month.)

11 months

My photography assistant wasn’t that great at keeping her brother happy and lying on his back, but she was sure cute and sweet!

20160107 Kallisti

At eleven months, Baby X has become a crazy climbing machine!  He has learned to climb up on both the couch and the bed, and he can now climb down safely as well.  We let him play on the rocks near the shore during last weekend’s outing to an uninhabited island (rough life, I know), and he was so careful and strong and amazing to behold.

So, yes, another new parenting season.  He’s not just mobile but he’s mobile + dangerous.  I was getting a bit pouty about the new phase as he requires even closer supervision until I was reminded by a parenting book that growing and changing are signs of a healthy kid.   It’s the parent’s job to be ever flexible and able to celebrate and facilitate that growth.  Touche, parenting book.  Touche.

Other physical changes include two new teeth for a total of eight and…his first step!  I didn’t even see it!  That sneaky sneakster–he pulled up on the outside of the bathtub and turned back towards daddy and took one step.

We don’t have any distinct words yet and we didn’t give baby sign language a very hearty effort, but he’s a waving specialist and loves a good clap.  His babbling at all the right times make me think that his words are soon to come.  I’ve been surprised actually at how similarly Baby X and KLC have developed as infants.  Almost every milestone has been within a week or two of one another.

Baby X’s favorite foods include meatballs, hummus, eggs, bananas,  pomegranate, and blueberries.  We haven’t introduced dairy or wheat products, though we do offer other grains.  I’m sure he would love pasta and bread and cheese as his sister does, but I wanted to challenge myself to offer less processed foods for the first year.  So far, so good, and he is a healthy little guy!  Now if I can only give up my bread and cheese and pasta and be more like him!

One more pic before I go…



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