Baby X: 10 Months

We’re a couple days late because X’s 10 month birthday fell one day before his big sister’s 3rd birthday!  We threw her a fun party with a few friends and neighbors.  We were busy all weekend with preparations and celebrations, and X had a good time to boot.  At one point, he crawled over to the bounce castle, pulled himself up on the entryway, and banged his palm on the plastic: LET ME IN! I’M BIG NOW, TOO!

10 months_sm



See? Isn’t he getting big?  And who thinks he’s looking a lot like his uncle, my brother B?


I have exact stats on him, thanks to today’s weight check visit.  I get worried about the kids as they grow more active, long and lean that they aren’t eating enough and putting on enough weight.  The doctor suggested I bring him in one month from our 9 month well check.  He was behind on one shot thanks to living on an island and random vaccination shortages, so I had to bring him in even though I was no longer worried about his growth.  The highlight of the visit was this quote from the pediatrician: “If I show his growth chart to 100 pediatricians around the world, 100 out of 100 of them would say he is growing wonderfully.”

Height: 29.5″ (although that was a highly squirmy measurement)

Weight: 19 lb 9 oz

Head: 18 1/4″

Month 10 brought another trip and concurrently X’s first major illness.  We went to Boston for Thanksgiving week, and he was sick with a fever and then congestion almost the entire time.  What a bummer!  It was still a nice trip for the rest of us, but I felt bad for the little buddy.  And I didn’t get much sleep.

So, yeah, sleep hasn’t been a lot better, but he has continued sleeping a 6 hour stretch most nights and taking 2 naps per day.

Last month, I noted how expressive X was becoming, and he continues to grow in that regard.  He is firmly attached to daddy as well as mommy and frequently dive-bombs from one to the other.  He also has started to exhibit some small signs of separation anxiety if he gets passed off to someone at just the wrong time.   He is an amazing independent player.  He can often be seen picking up a ball, squealing with delight, dropping the ball, and chasing it as fast as his knees can carry him.

On to month 11!  Eek where is my baby going?  Time for another…(jk, jk.)


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