KLC: 2.38 years

{Where did the time go?? I wrote this post back in April, and it’s too good to let it live in the “drafts” folder forever. She’s already changed a ton more in the six months since this was written, but here it is in all its unfinished glory.}

I haven’t dedicated a post to sweet KLC in a while.  She has been growing and changing so much!  I knew the last post I did was at 1 and 3/4 years, but I just looked back at it and WHOA she’s so much more grown up!

First, let’s talk about the important stuff: hair.

KLC has so much hair now!

Day 1 Fun-0129-2

That picture was from over a month ago, and it keeps getting longer.  Here she was on her second birthday:


It’s like the “grow hair” switch was flipped when she turned 2!  I even cut her bangs in January.  She could probably could use another bang trim, but I might let it grow out.  Her hair isn’t even any trouble to keep nice, but I can now start to understand why my parents insisted we three daughters keep our hair short until we could fix it ourselves.  I don’t like making decisions on my own hair, much less a whole family of hair.  But I digress.

Her hair is very cute.


In other news, KLC is 31 lbs and 37.5″ tall.  We just had her 2 year well check last week, and I’m always curious what other things doctors screen for in these exams.  She has 0 signs of autism and no scoliosis.

KLC got her bottom two 2 year molars just after coming back to the states after X’s birth.  I felt so bad that they cut through without me even realizing they were coming.  Hopefully that means that they didn’t cause much discomfort, but I could have used an extra dose of empathy for her around that time.  I finally saw them when she was wailing in my face on the boat when we wouldn’t allow her to “drive” with daddy.

It’s hard to even remember what KLC was like at her last update.  When I read that she was trying to say “I love you” but couldn’t quite say it correctly, I’m reminded just how much she has developed in six months.  Now she’s a full-on talker with a wide-ranging vocabulary and an amazing ability to comprehend her world.  Some of her favorite words and phrases are, “I do it myself.” “More, peaz.” “No feed the baby.” “I be right back.” “Diaper hurts me.” (when I ask her why she’s running around naked…again.) “I check on X.” “Doing?” “Funny?” (when I chuckle at something on my computer.) “Eating?” (when she hears me smacking something in the kitchen.)

I related this exchange to my sisters and mom yesterday:

“Big poopie, mommy!”

“Great. Do you want me to change you?”


Three minutes later, unprompted, “Don’t change me, mommy. I working. In my kitchen.”

Reading is her number one pastime.  She reads to herself in her room before and after naps and in the morning when she wakes up.  We read at least two books before every nap and every bedtime, and she asks us to read her others when we’re playing.  I love it!

Washing out her potty is her number two pastime.  This is kindof a joke but kindof not.  As of the past week, she goes pee pee in the potty fairly regularly.  When the spirit moves.  When she happens to already be naked. But she’s far from potty-trained.

I’m struggling to think of how to complete this post with a summary of what our sweet girl is up to.  This year has been full already, and KLC…


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