Baby X: 8 Months

Two posts in one day!  (If you subscribe to my posts via email, you probably didn’t see the extra picture I added of KLC earlier that shows the comparison of her hair at 2 years old to her hair a few months later.  If that interests you, click over to the last post to see it.)

Month 8 has been gR8!

8 months_unhappy

Can’t you tell? About this time last kid, I was cursing myself for trying to get her to lay flat on her back. You can see how well it went today. Officially my worst effort. The tears!

8 months_happy

Sitting up, chewing on the sticker backing was a much more successful pose. Despite the tearful photo session and an almost-hurricane (that never came our way), month 8 has been much, much better. We endured 6 weeks of long and increasingly more frequent night wakings before resorting to a gentle form of allowing him to cry. (Aka torturing our baby, depending on which camp you’re in.)

We implemented a better bedtime routine, kicked KLC out of their room temporarily, and let him cry for up to five minutes at a time before going in to reassure him. Within a week, the tears scaled back from 20-40 minutes to less than 5. I hate the part of parenting that requires these tough choices, but we felt at our wits’ end. I did feel much more empowered this time around, and I wanted to stick with the program for his sake so he could have more restorative sleep and fewer changes to the routine. With KLC, we tried sleep training off and on, but we never could stick to it. She still nursed to sleep for much longer than I care to think about (until the day X was born…gasp). Thinking about the freedom I would feel being uncoupled from his bedtime routine helped me through the few tough nights of crying. I nurse him before he goes in the bedroom, and either mommy or daddy can put him down. I also firmly believe that there is less crying this way overall than how we were living before. I would get him to sleep in my arms or by nursing, and he would wake up screaming when I put him in his bed.

We let KLC back in their shared room last night, and that went fairly smoothly. X is now sleeping 7-7 with around two night waking. He might start waking earlier now that KLC is in the room as her schedule is more like 8-6:30.

Baby X’s physical development has taken off again in the past week or so. Last month, he was crawling up a storm and had become quite quick. This month, he’s begun pulling up and climbing on momma and toys, pushing himself to a seated position, and experimenting with hands-and-knees crawling.  Tonight, I took a moment to watch and marvel at his current abilities.  The privilege of parenting a second child brings with it the knowledge that each stage is entirely too fleeting.

On the language development front, Baby X is babbling away, and he almost definitely waved bye-bye two weeks ago to our neighbor.  It was the cutest, and it has not been repeated.  T is the good parent and tries to read to him a decent amount.  Does it count as being read to if he’s in the same room as KLC when we read to her?  She’s SUCH a little reader.  I try to tell T that we didn’t sit and read books constantly to KLC, but I honestly don’t remember that much about it.  I do remember that it went in phases and that there came a grabby phase when “nice” books had to be put away lest they be chewed to death.  We’ve been in that phase for about 4 months of X’s 8 month life span.

Eating is fairly mundane as he still is mostly on breastmilk, but he does seem to get pretty hungry for solids.  He has experienced some mild eczema on his face and legs that has seen some relief with Aveeno eczema cream, and I don’t know if it’s food-related or what.  He enjoys the ritual of sitting with us, and he has tried lots of food at this point.  Favorites include pear and ground turkey meatballs.  His pincer grasp is coming right along on schedule thanks to blueberries.  We continue with Baby Led Weaning, and I’m a little more patient with it this time.  I have a lot of conflicting thoughts on babies and nutrition, so this phase is a little confusing for me.  Also: I cannot handle cleaning up the messy baby/high chair situation.  It’s my least favorite parenting job by far.

Our next month will include some travel as we go back to Michigan to remember the life of T’s grandmother, whom we will miss and whom I am glad both of my children had the chance to meet.



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