Happy 4th Anniversary to T and K!

Last night on the way home from a magical boat outing, John Mayer’s  “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” came on the radio.

When you’re dreaming with a broken heart
The waking up is the hardest part
You roll outta bed and down on your knees
And for a moment you can hardly breathe
Wondering, “Was she really here?
Is she standing in my room?”
No she’s not, ’cause she’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone….

It’s such a sad song.  It was popular back when we were broken up in 2009, so it brings back a lot of painful memories.

But yesterday it made me so grateful.  There we were, facing one another.  Each holding a child.  Riding on a beautiful boat.  During sunset.  In the Bahamas.  Before we walked back to our home.  And married four years this week.

Happy anniversary, honey.

I’m glad we’re woken up by phantom (and real) baby cries now rather than dreams of what might have been.  What might have been now is.  And it’s pretty great.




What are your thoughts?

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