Baby X: 7 Months

Was everyone pretty upset with me for not having this post out yesterday on Baby X’s actual 7 month birthday?  I was rather disturbed at myself for not realizing what day it was until after 5 PM as we were watching football with new friends.  The weird thing was that I knew it was the 5th, but I somehow changed his month-i-versary to the 6th of each month in my mind.  Obviously this doesn’t matter to anyone, but I do feel pressure to keep up his posts so he doesn’t feel someday like an unimportant second child.  Speaking of my child, isn’t he cute?

7 months_lowres

Baby X wins all the blue ribbons for cuteness and happiness.  He’s got lots of personality these days and is firmly in the “mobile baby” camp.

I don’t have super current stats on him, but at his 6 month well visit he was 99%+ for height and down around 50% for weight.  He has added teeth to his beautiful smile since last month–two in one week, both on the bottom.

Baby X gets all the not-blue ribbons for night sleep.  Ack, what a hard month!  This may have been the hardest month since he was born.  We had just moved him into KLC’s room 1 month ago, and he’s not spent an entire night there since.  After a week of what felt like constant night wakings and increasing maternal exhaustion, we moved him back to our room and then spent 2.5 weeks traveling.  This past week, we tried putting him in the shared room for some parts of the night, but we’re mostly just floundering and praying for a change for the better.  (Insert recommendations for sleep training while room sharing here, please.)  Thank God he is still a good napper.

We’re enjoying watching him develop on his own timeline and with fewer worries this time around.  I’m curious whether he’ll army crawl around until he’s a walker or if he’ll develop a proper hands-and-knees crawl.  I wonder when and where he’ll learn to pull up on furniture.  I wonder what kind of eater he’ll be (so far, he enjoys the social aspect of joining us at the table and has nibbled on various fruits and veggies).

Baby X, thanks for bringing us so much joy and bearing with us in the midst of hectic times.  And for being such a sweet snuggler. xoxo


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