Baby X: 6 Months

Whoa buddy!  We blinked, and you’re 6 months old!

6 months

I’ve been trying to maintain similar cropping of the X-on-the-elephant pictures, but he now looks like a giant when I crop in so close.  You’re a big man, Charlie Brown.  (Sorry about the photo-bombing hair.)

Speaking of Elephant Pictures, here’s the one I didn’t post from last month (it’s so hard to just get him on his back now, much less smiling nicely!):

5 months

I didn’t bring the elephant to the cottage, so I took this a few days past his 5 month birthday once we were home.  Until looking at these pictures just now, I hadn’t realized how much he’s thinned out over the past month.  I tried to weigh him this morning on the baby scale we have, but he’s so long and active that I honestly couldn’t say what the weight was.  It was jumping around like crazy between 17 and 18.5 lbs as he adamantly tried to roll off.

X has continued to master skills on about the same timeline as KLC did, but he tends to reach them a week or two more quickly.  Last week, he began to move forward/crawl/scooch!  It’s not a proper hands-and-knees crawl just yet, but he is quite determined and quick with his movements when he sets his sights on a toy to grab.  Just two days ago, I heard him “ma-ma-ma-ma da-da-da-da ba-ba-ba-ba-ba” for the first time along with his various other noises.

Today, for X’s 6 month birthday, we offered him table foods for the first time.  We once again plan to follow the basic tenants of “baby led weaning,” allowing him to self-feed soft baby-grabbable foods.  Today, he tried cantaloupe and roasted sweet potato.  He was able to bring them to his mouth and gnaw a bit.  He seemed enthused and enjoyed banging about on the high chair, which we brought out of storage for the first time today.  The most interesting moment of the event was when T put him in the chair.  He did not like the idea of going into the chair very much and got very stiff, not allowing T to slip his legs into the leg slots and making a funny “what are you DOING to me??” face.

Sleep is still not great, though he continues to be a great napper.  We did make a big change though by moving him in with his sister!  This is the 5th night of our experiment, and it seems to be working fairly well for everyone.  With his frequent wakings, it’s a bit tough on me, but the kids do fine with it.  Once his wakings scale back, I will be SO so glad to be able to wake on my own terms and not have a sleeping baby by my side as I’ve had for the past 6 months until we moved him.  KLC loves having him in her room and seems comforted by his presence and knowing that I’m coming in and out to take care of him when he cries.

Life overall for us is fairly routine.  We had a great visit from T’s sister and a few of her friends two weekends ago.  We are looking forward to a big 2-week trip to the US for weddings and family time.  I can’t remember if I mentioned this in the last post, but we are no longer employing a 2-day-a-week nanny.  I am enjoying more consistent home life, but it is hard to get out with both kids and while being respectful of their nap needs.

Today, I pulled off an exciting feat: a hair cut.  The hair stylist was very highly recommended, but her salon is 45 minutes away.  Two weeks in advance, I booked the appointment, a babysitter for KLC, and a friend to come along with me to hold X during the cut.  It’s too hard to time his naps and feedings to allow for a 45+ minute drive each way plus an hour or more for the cut itself while leaving him with a babysitter.  I love my hair!  And I love my kids.  This little story is pretty unrelated to the post, but it gives you a glimpse of our life.

I couldn’t be more happy to be Baby X and KLC’s mom.


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