Baby X: 5 Months

Baby X is five months old!


We’re in Michigan with T’s extended family, enjoying our last day of lake time before we fly home tomorrow. Consequently, I don’t want to spend too much time on this post, nor do I have my usual picture-taking setup. But I also don’t want to ruin my streak of posting on his month birthdays!

X continues to delight us all. After spending 4 days in D.C. with my family for my cousin’s wedding and a week at the cottage with T’s family, he has earned quite a reputation as a sweet baby.

His current tricks are rolling over, holding his own weight when held in a standing position, and making lots of motions towards crawling. I love watching him figure out how to use his limbs and test all kinds of theories of how to move himself forward and sideways. He has gained a lot more awareness of what’s around him and is motivated to move towards and grab novel chew toys (like fingers, mommy’s plate of food, plastic bags…).

He is very vocal, especially if he is hungry or tired.  At some point during the month, he developed a signature groan/moan that means something like, “mommy, please settle me for a nap now.” He loudly moans himself to sleep in my arms often, which has made my habit of rocking him to sleep during church services rather less successful.

Sleep is a mixed bag. He is a great napper and very flexible, but he wakes up at least two times per night. He also has had trouble going to sleep on the road for bed, and his bedtime has been anywhere from 7 to 11 PM. The flipside of that is that he’s still incredibly happy and easy and doesn’t melt down if out after his former regular bedtime. I have become frustrated over his sleep less than a handful of times total, and by this time with KLC I’d seriously lost my cool to the point of crying many, many times. Hooray for positive change and a more flexible baby + momma!

Baby X, I am excited to see what your 5th month has in store for us all!


Attempting to eat the grass


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