Baby X: 4 Months

What’s that, you say? Cutest 4 month old boy ever?

4 months


The picture is more zoomed out this time as X is getting long for his mat!  He’s stretching that 6-month clothing to the max–probably time to break out all the 9-month items.

Baby X continues to live up to his reputation as an amazingly sweet little guy.  I haven’t taken him to the doctor for his 4 month check-up nor have I measured him this week.  Last week, he was up a pound over last month to 15 lb 9 oz.  At his last appointment, Dr. Thomas estimated he would weigh 16 pounds at 4 months according to his growth curve, and the good doctor is likely right.  He’s getting big!

He hit a big milestone this month in a big way: he’s a roller!  After lulling us into thinking he was too chillaxed to move around, he started rolling consistently earlier than KLC did.  He first rolled to his left, and about a two weeks later he learned to roll to his right.  Just tonight, we watched him roll from his belly to his back for the first time.  As his father says, he is now an omni-roller!

Watching him learn to roll was so sweet.  I forgot the progression of movements that lead to rolling, but perhaps I’ll remember more after going through this twice.  Lifting the feet up, then lifting the lower trunk a little with the feet, then moving the feet to the side, then figuring out how to duck the little head arond, and finally figuring out how to free the captive arm.  Just this week, he decided to pause after lifting the feet and before rolling to get in a little toe-chewing.  Hilarious.

For our little swaddled burritos, rolling has equaled chaotic sleep.  Baby X continues to be a MUCH easier sleeper than his sister, but his sleep has become more tricky due to the rolling.  There’s something subconscious almost that’s triggering him to practice his new rolling skill, and he wakes himself up rolling over.  I can extend his naps by barricading him around his lower body to keep him from fully rolling.  At night, though, it seems unsafe continuing to swaddle or putting barricades up when I’m not supervising.  I fully transitioned him this week to our faithful Aden & Anais sleep sack for night sleep, and he is adjusting.  His night time wake-ups have been more frequent through this rolling phase, but I’m hopeful he’ll fully adjust and get better night sleep soon.

As an aside, have I mentioned how much I love our sleep arrangement?  We realized that our existing crib is only about an inch different in height from our bed, so we took the side off the crib and put it beside the bed.  It’s ever-so-lovely to be able to reach over for him while half-asleep, feed him, and give him a little shove back into his own space at the end.  (I push all the blankets and sheets away until he’s done feeding to help with the safety factor in case I fall asleep.)

The main negative about our sleeping arrangement is that T probably gets less sleep than he would if the minor little grunts and groans were taking place in a different room in the house.  We don’t have another room besides KLC’s, so this is our solution for now.

Baby X had a big trip this month! He and I flew together to Wisconsin to visit my grandmother, aunts, uncle and cousins!  What a sweet time!  Besides seeing family and going to our cabin, the highlights were: spending tons of cuddle time with X, shopping for clothes that actually FIT postpartum (yeah…I gained back the 5 lbs I lost while sick and am no longer at my pre-pregnancy weight…), and eating cheese curds x 3.  T took care of KLC for the weekend, and they had lots of fun father-daughter time.


Loving the cousins in Wisconsin! Photo credit: Cousin G


Thanks for tuning in!


2 thoughts on “Baby X: 4 Months

  1. Sure anxious to see the little guy. sort of hate that he is not getting any bonding time with his grandpa.

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