Baby X: 3 Months

Baby X is 3 months old.  He wasn’t upset when I tried to take his picture, but he was also not interested in looking near the camera and smiling.

3 months

I have an update on my big KLC girl in the works, but it has proven hard to write.  I enjoy looking at these posts as something of an online baby book, and I’m paralyzed by the fact that I haven’t written a post on her since she was 21 months.  She’ll be 29 months (what??) tomorrow, and the changes and growth leading up to and after two are astounding.

On to Baby X’s update:


Weight–14 lb 9 oz

Head Circumference–16.5″

On the health front, he got a gold star at his 2 month checkup, and he braved his first round of immunizations like a champ.  The pediatrician said once again in his cute British accent, “This is one healthy boy!”  He’s a full 2 pounds heavier than his sister was at this point, and he’s almost as long as the two six-month-olds at Bible study.

Once again, I am looking back at KLC’s post from three months and reminiscing and laughing a little.  We were in the midst of a stressful time, and she was developing so quickly.  Our life now seems so chill in comparison to that life.  KLC had been on multiple plane trips, had met my extended T family twice, and had spent time at both sets of grandparents in Tennessee, all while I was on maternity leave and T was flying all over God’s creation for interviews.

Besides X’s rather hectic first two weeks of being born, traveling to Tennessee, and flying out of the country, we’ve enjoyed relative calm.  His big trips have been travelling across the Paradise Island-Nassau connector bridge on Thursday for Bible study and Sundays for church.  I generally sneak out for errands and such while he naps since I can get out and back within an hour, so he’s hardly even been to the grocery store.

At this point in KLC’s life, I was getting ready to start back to work.  She was sleeping through the night (hahaha, that didn’t last), and I would get up at her former feeding time to pump so I would have a milk stash.  Whew, pretty glad that’s not my life any more.  I have not pumped milk one time for Baby X (though I might start soon to facilitate a date night or two).

Baby X is moving right along with his developmental milestones, though he hasn’t hit any of the flashy ones like rolling over.  He’s grasping objects and bringing his hands together, cooing and “ah-gooing” and now laughing.  The laughing is so sweet.  I’ve been trying to capture it on video, but it’s elusive.

We are so grateful that he continues to be a sweet and healthy boy.  His smiles infuse joy into the midst of toddler/parent meltdowns and remind us that each phase of parenting is fleeting.  We have been humbled to learn how very different two children can be.  Had I birthed X first, I surely would have thought I was doing it all right and that those other moms needed to have a look at my great parenting skills.  But no.  Babies are different.  I will be forever grateful for these sweet days with our first son.


3 thoughts on “Baby X: 3 Months

  1. Kari, I semi-stalk pictures of Baby X.. He’s a total cutie pie! Hope to get down to visit you guys soon!

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