I Lost My Pregnancy Weight, 2.0!

*Alternate post title: When engineers get pregnant.  

After Kallisti’s birth, I shared that the adage “9 months up, 9 months down” was true for me along with this beautiful chart:

Pregnancy Weight Gain and Loss

Weight Gain and Loss for Pregnancy 1.0 with KLC

One of my goals with pregnancy 2.0 was to gain less weight, but I didn’t have a goal for how quickly I would lose it.  My main health goals for the postpartum period are: 1. to maintain a healthy milk supply by eating enough and not over-exercising and 2. to be gentle on my core and focus on strengthening it and reducing any abdominal separation.

But look!

Pregnancy Weight 2.0

Weight Gain and Loss for Pregnancy 2.0 with X


As of today, thanks to yesterday’s stomach bug, I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight.  My overall gain was 24 lbs, although I did lose weight at first.  After coming home from the hospital post-birth, I had already lost 2/3 of the weight.  By the time we were back in the Bahamas, I was back to around 3 lbs above pre-pregnancy and stayed there until the stomach bug.

The two charts look better when graphed together.  I changed the units from dates to the number of weeks pre- and post- birth for comparison.

Pregnancy Weight Comparison

I am so happy with this second pregnancy and the recovery that I don’t know whether I should quit while I’m ahead or keep having more babies.  Ha.  T would say there are more factors to choosing your family size than your ability to gain and lose pregnancy weight.  Touche.

I share this data because I think it’s interesting, and it might also be encouraging to anyone who felt they gained too much with a first pregnancy.  My experiences were completely different each time.

I also am not a particularly small woman, and my pre-pregnancy weight is not my goal weight.  I hover just over the top end of “healthy” BMI for my height.  So, this isn’t a “look how skinny I am!” post either.  Please don’t take it that way.

If nothing else, I write this to invite you to celebrate with me and to marvel at how God made women’s bodies.  I struggle with body image as much as the next woman, but this sweet time of carrying babies and nursing them has been the most body-positive time of my life.  Sure, I have loose skin and stretch marks still on my belly, but LOOK what came from it!

Hugs, y’all.


4 thoughts on “I Lost My Pregnancy Weight, 2.0!

  1. I love this post! Way to go! Quite an accomplishment 🙂 and I love the charts, wish I’d thought of that!

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