Baby X: 2 Months

Two months, y’all.

2 months

I see that I haven’t posted since our 1 month recap.  We’re still here!  We also have a lot of really cute pictures from this month as we had visitors twice, PI Day, St. Patrick’s Day, an Easter egg hunt, and Easter itself, today.  But I’m tired so I’m not sure what I’ll get around to digging up for the post.

I’ll skip to the stats:


Weight–12 lb 7 oz

Head Circumference–16″

These were self-measured as we haven’t been to his two month appointment yet (not looking forward to the immunizations…).  Looking back at KLC’s 2 month stats, he seems to be outpacing her in weight and height by 1 lb and 1″.

Here is a picture from this past Thursday’s Easter egg hunt that sums up X’s awesomeness:


He was just chilling on his blanket.  He’d fallen asleep in my arms, and I laid him down on the blanket to continue his nap.  He slept for another 10-15 minutes before waking up and just laid there, reveling in how great it is to live in the Bahamas and have new friends and a new playground for an Easter egg hunt.20150402_4977

This baby falls asleep on his own in the rock-n-play sleeper!  He sleeps well in the swing! He sleeps in his crib!  He sleeps swaddled or unswaddled!  He only fusses if hungry or super uncomfortable with a dirty diaper!  He goes 3 hour stretches between feeds!

I’ll stop now.  Maybe.  I mean, we are so, so grateful that this guy is a little more chill in almost every way than our first time around.  It’s hard to keep ourselves from shouting it from the rooftops.  “Thank you, God! We reallllllly appreciate the easy baby!!!!! We don’t take it for granted and know it could change at any point!”

KLC was not a particularly hard baby, but this has been a very different experience for us.  The only thing that we could think of that might make parenting this guy a little easier at this point is longer night stretches of sleep.  He goes 4-5 hours for the first stretch then another 2 or so and then…that’s about it.  He doesn’t care to sleep again after 4 or 5 AM and just catnaps while I catnap watching him catnap and try to keep him from grunting too much.  The grunting wakes up his father who makes a living thinking about math which means it helps to be well-rested.

As I look back, I realize our second month has been the antithesis of month one.  We’ve simply been at home, as a family, figuring out life as a foursome.  I had some inspiring thing to say about what I’ve learned this month, which has been quite a lot, but I honestly can not remember what it was.  Perhaps dad’s not the only one who needs a bit more rest? Off to bed I go.


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