Baby X: 1 Month

Hey! I’m starting this 2nd baby thing off OK, right?  I’m starting to write his 1 month post ON HIS ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY!  So that feels pretty great.  Here’s the birthday boy himself:

1 month

Awww.  Hopefully I can get him making super hero poses every month?? Now compare that to his sister’s 1 month pic:

1 month

Aww.  Big sister’s picture is more zoomed in, so she looks bigger (also, Mr. Giraffe is a lot smaller than Mr. Elephant. Shout out to Aunt A who got X his thus-far only personalized belonging, Mr. X Elephant.).  But WHOA Baby X is 8 oz beyond his sister at this tender age.  He started around the 90th percentile with his 9 lb 4 oz birth weight, and now he’s following the 75th percentile curve at 10 lb 4 oz.

At one month, Baby X is proving to be a chill little guy.  He makes his opinions known at meal time or diaper changes, but other than that, he’s pretty laid back for now.  I looked back at KLC’s first month post and remembered again her challenges with weight gain, my issues with milk production, our travel to Florida to be with my extended family for their yearly vacation, and how much she hated car rides.

We’ve had a lot more crazy this time around, but it has seemed easier for the most part.  His birth was less fraught, the recovery has been quicker, breastfeeding has been fine, and sleeping has been not-awesome-but-ok.

Speaking of crazy, here a few images that remind me of all that has passed this month

Newborn X Family

Kisses for Baby X before we left his first home in Atlanta, GA (X–4 days old)

X Snow

Coming Home to Granddad and Gigi’s in Hendersonville, TN, after a Power Outage and Stay at a Friend’s House (X–10 days old)

photo (5)

Leaving Nashville with 5 suitcases, 2 boxes, 2 backpacks, 2 strollers, 2 car seats, 1 purse, 1 diaper bag, and 2 babies. (X–14 days old) (Taken with poor-quality ipod camera)


X Yawn

Soooo tired after all that travel, finally home in the Bahamas (X–23 days old)

x mini beach

KLC showing Baby X (held by our part-time nanny in the background) her mini-beach (X–21 days old)

x close up

Close-up from today’s shoot showing off his baby blues and lightening hair (lots of blonde!) (X–28 days old)



5 thoughts on “Baby X: 1 Month

  1. Love it! Where did Ashley get that elephant? I love it!!

    Good to see everyone adjusting 🙂

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