Life with Two Littles: Day 1

The baby is asleep! The toddler is on a grocery run with daddy!  I already took a brief nap (!), so I’m going to document my first day of being home with two kids.

Day 1 | Friday, February 20:

5:45 AM–KLC wakes up and comes in our room.  We had arrived home the night before from the U.S., and she transitioned to a mattress on the floor since she learned how to get out of her crib while we were away.  No one goes back to sleep, but we all snuggle for a little while.

7:00 AM–Because of last-minute shifting ride situations, T leaves an hour earlier than most of his coworkers for an all-day, all-company retreat on the other side of the island.  (This retreat lasted Friday and Saturday and is the reason for our timing to get back to Nassau and also what forced me into being home alone with both kids for long days at this point.  It wasn’t something we would have chosen on our own, but we were glad T could participate in the retreat.)

8:15 AM–I text my sisters and mom, impressed with myself for lasting a whole hour and 15 minutes while also making a pot of steel cut oats and a pot of coffee.

The morning passes with a bath for KLC, me unsuccessfully trying to put the baby in the crib when he fell asleep in my arms over and over, and eventually a walk.  Oh, and a poop on the training potty for KLC!  She has now on her own used the potty twice and a couple of times with help.  The first solo success was the night before, just after we got home from the airport.  T thought she was just trying to delay bedtime, but she showed us!

Also from my texting stream with my family, I see that I weighed both kids:

KLC–31 lbs with clothes

X–9 lbs 9 oz with clothes (and later confirmed that he was 9 lb 6 oz unclothed)

Friday was X’s 15th day of life, and babies are supposed to regain their birth weight by 2 weeks.  He was born at 9 lb 4 oz, so his weight was right on track.

We also got several visitors from some of the housekeeping staff from the company whom we are friends with.  One of them got the baby to nap in his bed, and I was able to then focus on KLC and get her ready for her nap.

Afternoon–After a gourmet lunch of kraft mac and cheese, KLC went in her room to read books, sing songs, and go down for a nap.  This is her new routine, which has been successful thus far.  The first time I tried this routine was earlier this week.  I had been nervous that she would ask for “milkie time,” a big part of our former routine.  She did the first time, but she hasn’t since then during nap and bedtime routines (more on weaning later, perhaps).

After I left her room, KLC clearly wasn’t asleep.  I heard her on the monitor playing with toys for about 30 minutes, but she eventually got quiet.  Her room doesn’t have very many toys, but she definitely took advantage of her newfound crib-less freedom.  Just after leaving, she tried to come out a couple of times, but I was standing right there saying “no, ma’am!”

3 PM–A neighbor called to let me know that her housekeeper was looking for more odd jobs and might be available to help with the kids.  We had let our friends know that we’re interested in hiring someone to get us through these first couple of months.  The lady my friend hires, whom I’ll call D, came by, and we’re going to have her come help me this Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to having some help for a while and hoping it will enable me to spend more quality time with KLC and keep the house up more effectively.  And be more sane.

Another friend from my ladies night came by before D left, and she stayed to hear all my stories about birth and to go for another walk with us (KLC’s favorite activity right now).  We ended up at the mini beach, and KLC went crazy running up and down the sand.

5:30 PM–KLC ate some leftover noodles and other miscellany before requesting another bath.  Bath time is fun for her, and I can walk in and out of the bathroom while listening to her splashing and tending to other things, so it’s fun for me too.  After her bath, KLC went right to her room and picked out books to read, so I did the bedtime routine earlier than normal.  X was asleep, but she wanted to say goodnight to him.  When I picked him up (he’d been asleep for 2 hours at that point and was squirming some) and needed to bring him back in her room with us, she was very upset.  My picking up the baby is her biggest trigger for a break-down, and doing it right as she had to go to bed was NOT COOL in her book.

7:00 PM–After finishing the bedtime routine, I left KLC in her room, but she was still quite upset.  Lo and behold, Daddy was home from the retreat an hour earlier than anticipated!  I sent him directly in to quiet her back down as I knew she’d be excited to see him.

8:30 PM–T makes me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner after I realized my plan for broiling salmon and broccoli wasn’t happening.

I was going to summarize the second day home with the kids, which was actually harder, but I need to get some things done before the shoppers return.  I’m so grateful for the help I’m getting here and there from neighbors.  Last night, at the end of the 2nd day, KLC had a serious meltdown at dinner time as a neighbor was visiting.  The neighbor took X up to her condo for a few minutes until he got hungry.  She then took KLC on a walk while I fed X because me even trying to hold X in KLC’s presence was an epic disaster.  Then T got home earlier than expected again, so he was able to do her bedtime routine.  The Lord is providing for us in unexpected ways!

A couple of shots from my computer’s web cam from yesterday:




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