2014 in Review: 24 Words Expanded

In our Christmas card, we come up with two words to describe each month of the year.  As a recap of the past year, I’ll expand a bit on each of our months’ descriptions.

January: Houston Visit

When we first arrived in Nassau in August 2013, we left again a week or two later for my sister A’s wedding.  We then didn’t leave again until January 2014.  Ask anyone who has lived on an island: 5 months is a long time on one rock.  We were so excited to see our old friends in Houston and eat at all our old favorites.  We wish we could return there more often if only for the margaritas.  KLC and I extended the trip into February with a visit to both sets of grandparents in Tennessee.

February: Winter Visitors

February was the start of a string of three sets of visitors. Our California friends M&J, T’s brother A and his then-fiancee K, and M&C from Boston made the trip to Nassau .  We loved showing them around and were even more excited that the two married couples shared their big news that they were expecting within the year.  (Baby K and Baby M were both born born in Oct 2015 and are super presh! It’s fun to think that Baby C #2 will likely be in the same school class as they will be.  Future GT roomies?)

March: Church Membership

Two of the visits mentioned in February actually occurred in March.  We also joined the membership of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk in Nassau that month.  We aren’t much for church-hopping or even church-searching.  Ha, in fact, we only ever attended one church in Houston and one in Nassau: the ones we joined.  Our church in Houston was recommended by our pastors in California, and St. Andrew’s is the only Presbyterian church in Nassau.  It is a part of the American EPC denomination, which is theologically very similar to the PCA denomination we had become comfortable with at Grace in Palo Alto and Christ the King in Houston.  We enjoy worshiping at St. Andrews and find church membership to be one of the best ways to get out of our expat bubble and engage with local Bahamian people.

The other less-spiritual event of March was attending a huge party hosted by T’s boss in Nassau.  Man, was that a party.  Two jazz bands, an open bar, a seafood spread for days, and a custom fireworks display were all a part of the fanciest private party we’ve ever attended.

April: Out-Island Exploring

GG and Granddad came for a visit in April.  We took the opportunity to visit Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, two island communities off the larger island of Eleuthera.  I posted pictures from that trip here.

May: Nana’s 60th

In May, KLC and I visited Philadelphia with my sisters and mother to celebrate her 60th birthday.  Mom had been saying for years that all she wanted for her 60th was a trip with her three daughters.  I was on the brink of being able to leave KLC for a couple of nights, but I wasn’t quite there yet.  The trip for me was dominated by balancing her needs and not preventing everyone from having fun at the same time.  Highlights of the trip were great food and lots of laughs over apple pie filling on a salad and other mishaps.  We got to visit friends K&C whom we know from California days, so that was a bonus.

June: Expecting #2!

This was probably the most exciting event of the year for our little family and perhaps the least-shared news on this blog considering I’m now past 35 weeks gestation.  We had decided we were ready to add to our family so that the children would be spaced about two years apart.  KLC was a surprise baby, so it felt very different to make a conscious decision to bring another life into the world, and I had the first opportunity to worry “what if we can’t get pregnant again?”  and all that comes along with that.

My sister A was visiting for a week when I found myself having strange symptoms.  I was fatigued in normal daily activities, and I had a violent aversion to an italian salad I made and loved just a day before.  “Might as well take a test,” I thought, not thinking too much of it.  Five minutes later when A left for a jog, “T, can you come home? Like now?”  Dr. D thought I was coming for a follow-up appointment, but our early ultrasound confirmed a healthy 7-week baby.

July: USA Tour

In July, we had the chance to take our longest visit to the US.  We started in Wisconsin where we visited my extended family at my grandma’s cabin.  We flew from Minneapolis to Detroit and visited T’s extended family at his family’s cottage.  Finally, we flew to Nashville and spent several days with T’s family at his parents’ house.  It was a really great visit and included lots of outside time, water play, and fresh fruit.

August: Visitors Galore

OK, I’ve been working on this post all day, off and on.  It’s almost bedtime (currently 7:52 PM Eastern), so this year-in-review needs to get finished.  August was a flurry of visitors!  We hosted brother A for his bachelor party, sister C and her boyfriend J who taught KLC to make animal motions to go along with her animal noises (gorilla, fish, monkey, flamingo…), T’s high school friend A and his girlfriend, and three couples plus two kids for Labor Day.  Whew, we were worn out, but we loved it!

September: 3rd Anniversary

In September, we celebrated 3 years together.  Unfortunately, we celebrated separately as I was in the US for our second long US trip for the year.  I traveled home for three weeks, September 19-October 12, and attended weddings on three of four weekends.  The last week of that trip started in California, where T flew from Nassau to meet me.  There we attended a graduate school friend’s wedding, belatedly celebrated our anniversary, had our second babymoon, and enjoyed our first kid-free nights since KLC was born.  And, of course, we visited with all our old friends and even snuck a Lake Street Dive concert in.

October: A + K

After California, we flew back to Tennessee, retrieved KLC from my parents’ house, and spent a weekend celebrating with T’s brother A as he married K.  Yes, another K.  Perhaps I should call her Aunt K?  My sister K is also Aunt K, only I call her Baby K on the blog since she’s the baby of our family.

For clarification of the Ks until further notice:

  • K refers to me, the main author of this blog
  • KLC refers to my daughter, currently 2 years old
  • Baby K refers to my sister, currently 24 years old and not actually a baby
  • Aunt K refers to our new sister-in-law, married to T’s brother A

The wedding was beautiful and fun–we were all in it!  KLC did a bang-up job on her first run down the aisle.  The flowers in her basket were distributed by the jostling as she ran through the crowd to her father and not by her hands, but I’d say that is pretty good for a 22-month old.  T was a studly best man, and I was somewhat successful masking my 23-week pregnant belly for the pictures.

(We do use actual names on our Christmas cards.  We aren’t as paranoid about our Christmas cards living on into infinity as we are blog posts.)

November: Tropical Thanksgiving

Like last year, my parents came to Nassau for Thanksgiving.  This year, though, my sisters couldn’t join them but my AWESOME 88-year-old grandmother did!  She renewed her passport so she could come.  How great, right?!?  We had a blast.  A highlight was watching University of Wisconsin’s men’s basketball team winning the yearly Thanksgiving basketball tournament at the Atlantis resort.  KLC enjoyed her first legit sporting event, gave a hearty applause as the teams left the floor for half-time, and pronounced the event “All Done!”

December: K + D

Baby K got married this year, too!  She snuck in the wedding just under the wire on December 28, 4 days ago.  She met her husband D at church, and they had their first date in December 2013.  D was already friends with sister A and her husband M, so it wasn’t too tough for him to win the rest of the family over.  They were engaged this summer and planned the wedding to occur during his 3-week winter break from chiropractic school.

KLC was also a flower girl in this wedding, but she chose to run down the not-center aisle and then start bawling because she was not allowed to continue running up the steps to me, a matron of honor.  Oh well.  She was very hipster cute in her faux fur vest and ivory lace dress, matching her cousin A.  (Some day I’ll add pictures to this post…maybe.)  She made up for that performance by being a hit at the reception, dancing the night away with her daddy and cousin.  Baby K was a gorgeous bride, and we were thrilled to celebrate with them.

Now, T is back in Nassau, and KLC and I are at my parents’ house recovering from our week of crazy (travel to TN, Christmas, travel to GA, Christmas #2, wedding, travel back to TN).  I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and I will return to Atlanta in a little over a week to wait for the new baby to come.  I will probably write more about the whys and wheres and hows of the baby’s delivery soon since that’s now my main concern: healthy baby.  Thanks to all the activity in this second half of the year, I have not had much time to worry or get anxious about the baby coming.  Since the day we found out in June, it seems like we always had something else coming around the corner to prepare for.  We thank God that this pregnancy has been even easier than my first.

Here’s to 2015!

P.S. If you got our card, did any of these descriptions not make sense initially?  I’m curious because T and I disagreed on what to use for a few of the months.

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