Are We Ready for a Two Year Old?

Hello, friends.  Today, KLC turns 2.

For the past two years, I have written my thoughts on motherhood leading up to both her birth and her first birthday.  One year ago, I wrote this:

I was so reluctant to let KLC turn 1, but for some reason I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for months.  Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant, and a birthday party is something plan-able and somewhat controllable.  Also, the idea of hosting friends and celebrating your birth is exciting this year because we actually have friends.


We’re planning a big party.  Actually, we were planning a small party, but it got a little out of hand.  I am an “includer” by nature, and I have a hard time stopping at just a few friends.  Also, I didn’t send out the invitations until Tuesday of this week, so I thought for sure people would already have plans.  Our RSVP number is currently just over 40, including about 15 kids.  Eek.

The party isn’t going to be elaborate, but I am excited to celebrate.  Most of all, I am grateful for the community we are coming to know here in Nassau.  We invited our neighbors who are T’s coworkers.  This is the group we invited last year because it is who we naturally met and got to know first living here.  Next, I invited a few ladies who live nearby and who come to my regular Tuesday night ladies’ night.  Our group ranges in age and life stage from young mom to empty nester, and we have enjoyed a casual “bring a snack or a drink” get-together weekly since February.  We also invited a few families who have been welcoming to us from our church.  I invited many of them last year as well, but none of them could come.  This year, all but one family has RSVP’ed “yes.”  The final set of invitees was people with kids KLC’s age.  We attend a Wednesday morning story time at a book store and a play group that gets together about once per week, and I’ve loved getting to know many of those ladies and their sweet kids.  These relationships have just started coming together in the past 3-4 months, and having a few things on our weekly social calendar along with a few moms to call on has made a huge difference.

Our mix of attendees might be a bit odd, but I am confident that we will have fun.  With a sesame street bounce castle, what can go wrong?  🙂  The bounce castle is the main attraction at the party.  KLC absolutely loved bouncing at our neighbor’s 4 year old party, and we can get a good deal that includes set-up and tear-down through a coworker connection.

KLC just woke up and is talking/playing in her crib.  As we’ve approached 2, life has become significantly more predictable.  Her switch to one nap a day opened up a lot more time and flexibility to get out of the house, and she started sleeping through the night consistently at around 18 months.  Recently, she has been able to entertain herself more and more.  She communicates her needs and desires with an ever-expanding vocabulary, which makes parenting easier.  Her communication is also more frustrating sometimes–yesterday she really wanted to put a certain shirt on but she did NOT want to take the other shirt off.

T just got back from his morning run with two coworkers.  He says they ran faster and he felt better than he has in a while.  It’s time to go in and face our two year old.  We love you, KLC.  What adventures will the next year bring?


5 thoughts on “Are We Ready for a Two Year Old?

    • It was really fun! I waited a couple of weeks to do a full 2 year old update because a friend was sending me pictures from the party. I have them now, but of course these last weeks have been hectic. Perhaps I can get something written by the time she’s 25 months. 🙂

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