KLC: 21 Months


KLC and V exploring.

KLC celebrated the milestone of reaching 1.75 years of life this past Saturday.  We happened to spend that morning with our neighbors the T family: T’s coworker D, his wife N, and their son V.  The six of us took a boat ride to Rose Island for a morning of exploring, and N brought her fancy camera along to snap some pics of our adventure.

Physical Development

Since her 18-month birthday, she gained all four of her canine teeth for a total of 16.  All we have left now are her second year molars, which don’t seem to be threatening any time soon.


Showing off her pearly whites. Please ignore my mumu-esque rashguard. It began completely disintegrating a few weeks ago, and I have new ones on order.

Her stats are:

Height–34″ (85%)

Weight–24 lb 5 oz (55%)

Head Circumference–50 cm (>98%–98% on the chart is 49.5 cm)

21 months

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually taller than I measured because she seems to tower over other kids near her age.  At a playgroup with two 18-month-olds and a 12-month-old, she was the tallest by 3-4 inches.  She continues to be an active and fun little girl, and one of her new favorite activities is jumping off the side of the pool to me or T.  She knows how to swim on her own from her lessons, but she unfortunately isn’t a huge fan of the swimming alone part.  We are glad that she does seem to enjoy the pool and water in general, though.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding is one of our favorite new activities. KLC’s, too! We paddle her while sitting on the board, and she sits so still and sweetly.

Language and Mental Development

KLC’s big head seems to be getting filled with lots of new information all the time.  I try not to stress over particular areas of learning and instead try to offer her varied stimulation combined with low stress and zero screen time.  The stories I wrote in my last post illustrate some of the ways she’s learning and growing.

Her interest in reading took off again for no particular reason.  She is interested in a wide variety of her books and gets excited to pick one out to read.  We read at least two at bedtime every day, and she picks different ones almost every day.  (Thank goodness.  I love Tennessee, but one can only take “A Tennessee Night Before Christmas” so many times.  No offense to whomever bought us that book–it’s cute, but it’s not very well written.  Why haven’t we hidden it yet?)

We have started casually teaching her numbers, ABC’s, and colors, but so far she hasn’t been too interested.  These are areas that I think an iPad would do really well to teach, but I am sure she’ll eventually be able to discern yellow from pink.  Also, she very sweetly insists that everything comes in the quantity of two.  How many fingers? “Two.”  How many doggies?  “Two.” Let’s count…one…two…three…four… “Two…two…two…two.”  We have to laugh.

One new skill that has developed over time is her ability to identify objects without being prompted.  She is an especially big fan of trucks.  While in her stroller for a walk, she gets SO excited to see a truck pass by, “Truck. Truck! TRUCK!!!”  One day she pointed to a bush and said, “Flower,” plain as day.  I don’t even know who taught her that!  She’s also much better at mimicking our sounds and tries really hard to say “I love you.”  Awww.

We love you, too, KLC.



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