KLC: 21 Month Funnies

Before I regale you with stories of KLC’s recent funnies, here’s a good one:


That was our set of passport pictures we had to submit to the Bahamian government last year.  They were used for our funny official resident/work permit cards.  The reason I say they are funny is can you imagine something cuter than that mug in the middle on a card that looks like a driver’s license and then also says in bold, uppercase letters CONDITION: NOT ALLOWED TO WORK.  The permit is initially only approved for a year, and we recently submitted our paperwork to renew the permit.  We hope to get at least a two-year permit this time.

Here are our pictures from 2014:

2014Passport0001Aww, the little bumpkin grew up!  And she’s wearing a sailor outfit.  Of course.  And I look tan and way skinnier and more alive.  T looks about the same except for his days-old scruff.  (Bahamas life=one shave/week.)  So I guess you could say the year has been good to us?  Also, can we get an award for being the best non-smiling family?

Without further ado, I bring you my list of funnies that I’ve been documenting for KLC lately.  (Soon I will do my quarterly update since she turned 21 months yesterday.)

  • KLC is into kissing boo-boos and wants both Daddy and Momma to kiss any (real or perceived) boo-boo she has.  She is learning empathy and also kisses others’ boo-boos, real or perceived, in real life or in a book.  There is a nursery rhyme where a fish bites a guy’s finger, and KLC always kisses his boo-boo.  Recently, Aunt C gave her a new book, and the little girl is wearing red shoes.  Red=boo-boo. On every page that the shoes are visible, KLC kisses the boots.
  • We read a book of illustrated Bible stories to KLC at night, and one night she thought Jesus holding out his hands to the little children was offering her a high five.  “Five!!” Slap the book.  Now, she slaps every out-stretched palm she sees in that book and others.  The best is when the disciples are holding their hands up to stop the children from coming to Jesus, and she high-fives them all.
  • I have been showing KLC more pictures of when she was a baby, and last week I pointed out that she had less hair as a baby.  She thought about that for a second, felt her own hair, pointed to the baby, and gleefully said, “All Gone!!”
  • KLC is starting to learn to help out around the house.  Her favorite time is when we let her stand on a chair at the counter as we cook.  She does simple things like place bread in the toaster slots, transfer chopped pieces of sausage to the pan, and scoop coffee beans into the grinder.  This week, she became obsessed with pancakes and asked for “PEES!” every day.  T normally makes the pancakes, but I had to pick up the slack when he was working.  I measured out the mix and water and started to mix with a spatula.  “No! NO!!” she says as she grabs for the spatula.  “KLC, I have to mix the pancakes so we don’t make a mess.”  “NOOO!!!” as she points wildly at the whisk hanging from its hook on the wall.  T uses the whisk to mix the pancakes.  I was doing it wrong.
  • I have a couple more, but I’ll end with a poo story.  KLC seems to be getting more interested in the potty, and we’ve been reading the book “Everyone Poops” almost daily.  It starts out: An elephant makes a big poop.  A mouse makes a tiny poop.  Second page: A One-humped camel makes a one-humped poop.  A two-humped camel makes a two-humped poop.  Only Kidding!  After a few times of reading the book, when we turn the page from the first page to the second page with the camels, KLC immediately says, “No way!!!!”



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