One Year in the Bahamas

Wow, we’ve been here a year.   T arrived on July 31, 2013, and KLC and I arrived on August 4, 2013.

Highlights of the year

  • Visitors: we’ve averaged about one visitor per month over the past year.  Actually, I just counted, and we’ve had exactly 12 overnight groups or single visitors, and we’ve had two couples visit during their cruise stopovers.  Both cruise visitors and six of the overnight visitors have been friends, and six of the groups of visitors have been family.  For the balance of August, we’ll have three more sets of visitors, making this our busiest month by far.  We love sharing our beautiful tropical locale with friends and family.  It takes a little bit more work to host people, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks easily.  For example, as I type I am listening to the sizzle of bacon that our current visitors (T’s high school friend A and his girlfriend K) are frying up for BLTs.  And I love having people around during the day when I otherwise start going a little stay-at-home-mom-crazy.  I wonder how many visitors this coming year will hold?  And who would have guessed that Nassau is a far more popular place to visit than Houston?
  • Church: we’ve been blessed to have a church to call home from the get-go.  We visited St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk (a.k.a. The Kirk) when we had our prospecting visit, and we have returned every week since our move.  We joined the church the Sunday our friends J&M from CA visited, and we hosted a 12-week discussion group on the book “Crazy Love,” capped off with a visit from Francis Chan himself.
  • Travel: I have traveled to the U.S. four times, and T has traveled three times.  We’ve traveled within the Bahamas twice, though one of those times was just a mile down the road to Atlantis for our anniversary.  Our trips to the U.S. have been for my sister A’s wedding last August, a visit to Houston then Tennessee in January, my mother’s 60th birthday trip with just the girls to Philadelphia, and our summer vacation to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Tennessee.

I keep starting posts lately and not finishing them, and this post makes me want to include a list of challenges here as well.  I want to stay positive, though, so I won’t dwell on the challenges.  But to summarize the main challenges briefly, they are: lack of access to shopping (thankful for all the visitors who can import a few things for us), lack of good friends and friends moving away, and lack of culinary options (including dining out and ability to purchase quality meats, etc, at the grocery store).

Overall, this year has taught us a lot.  I’m more grateful than ever for T and for KLC and I am grateful for my role as his wife and her mother.  I am glad to have the time and breathing room to learn and grow in my roles at home.  I hope the coming year will bring more growth outside our home with friendships and community involvement, but I know this past year has been a gift.


3 thoughts on “One Year in the Bahamas

  1. Proud of you! You guys are rocking the international life, and you are very gracious and generous hosts. I know it’s hard sometimes, but remember that it won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can….I have to tell myself that often too. 🙂 Love you.

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