20140627: Thankful Friday

Hi, friends.  When T and I woke up this morning, we thought of so many reasons to be happy!

Here’s why, in no particular order:

  • It’s cleaning day!  Clean house!
  • Swimming lessons are almost finished!  (today and three days next week)
  • It’s Friday!  It’s ALSO the last Friday of the month, which means that T’s coworkers and their families will gather for a last Friday happy hour.  Last month, KLC and I were the first to arrive, and she ate all the blueberries off the fruit tray before anyone else showed up.  Ha.
  • On Sunday, we will have some very exciting visitors: my friend HK and her two kids and husband!  They live in Birmingham, but her husband is Bahamian, and they are coming back to visit his family.  We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her husband, but we got to know HK and the kids quite well when they were enduring a long wait for the finalization of their daughter’s adoption last fall.  Her friendship was critical to my initial adjustment period, and we are so excited for our reunion!
  • The Fourth of July!!!  On Wednesday afternoon, KLC and I will hop a plane to Atlanta!  We’ll stay overnight with my sister A and her husband M and then fly with the two of them to Minneapolis the next morning.  T will join us Friday, and we’ll enjoy the weekend with my extended family in Wisconsin before moving on to the Detroit area to see T’s family and finally to Hendersonville.
  • A better night’s sleep for me!  I’m recovering from a nasty cold, and the past couple of nights had been fitful.  Last night, though, my nasal passages seemed to open up, and I feel quite a bit better today, around 90%.
  • KLC has been sleeping so well!  Traveling will certainly throw us a few curve balls, but we’ve had at least a 2-week stretch of sleeping through the night.  Whoa, baby.  We’ve also changed up both the nap and night time routines so they are more consistent and less prolonged, and the changes seem to be working.

Thankful Friday couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ve been a little sad over the past month or so as two more friends have left the island permanently.  We are grateful for the people we do know here, but friendships continue to be a challenge.

Today, though, let’s be grateful for all the ways the Lord is providing for us!


One thought on “20140627: Thankful Friday

  1. So thankful for all the good things in your life! Also thankful that we get to spend a few days together next week! Can’t wait to see all of you! Haven’t seen T since Thanksgiving!

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