KLC: 18 Months

Oh, hi!  I am happy to report that KLC made it successfully to her 18 month birthday on Friday, June 6.  I’ve been waiting to take a few sweet pics before I write an update post.  On Monday, I had my chance: she woke up from her nap pointing to the closet (not normal for her).  When I set her down, she opened the closet and picked out the outfit featured here, socks and all.  She’d never worn it before, and it’s a little big on her.


As always, it’s interesting to review what I wrote last time.  This time, I’m laughing at the amazing transformation KLC had before her 15 month birthday in finally enjoying reading.  Well, let’s just say she’s had a regression.  I was totally banking on that transfixing tome of nursery rhymes to be my keep-still-on-the-plane trick.  From the day we went to visit my mom and sisters until now, she has shown almost zero interest in that book or any other book.

Her disinterest in reading isn’t so much a problem as an unfortunate shortening of the list of activities she happily participates in.  Book reading is wonderful as a wind-down, sit-still activity.  There isn’t a lot of sitting still during KLC’s waking hours, especially not now.

When I got the camera out, this was all she really wanted to do for the first 10 minutes:


“Mom, you’re missing this black piece that goes on the front!”

Eventually she gave up with the lens cap and settled for being my camera-bag helper.


Since we live on the second floor, KLC gets lots of practice on the big outside stairs.  I appreciate living in a one-level apartment so we don’t have to deal with blocking/monitoring interior stairs on a moment-by-moment basis.  If she’s outside heading towards the stairs, we’re always close behind since she isn’t big enough to reach the door handle.  She always gets there first, though.  Stairs are so exciting!



Once outside, KLC has lots of playthings.  She is a particularly big fan of playing on things she probably should leave alone: the property manager’s Segway, the owner of the company’s golf cart, a pilates machine, gym equipment, kettlebells, and random motor bikes she finds around the property.  Oh, and if she goes near the pool, she goes in the pool.  In any outfit.


Since 15 months, there haven’t been any huge changes.  She can still walk and often runs.  She has the same number of teeth (12), though her four canine teeth are threatening to poke through any day now.  She is learning to use new words all the time.  She still takes one long nap and sleeps through the night 3-4 nights/week.  We’re having some sleep issues right now, and we’re planning on switching up her bedtime routine so she is better able to fall asleep on her own.  It’s about time, right?  Wish us luck this week.

We had a lovely visit from my sister A last week, and it was a miracle how much nicer it is to parent with a friend around all the time who was willing to sing songs in the car, wrangle the toddler while I grocery shopped, and go with the flow of our schedule.  The witching hour was never even an issue.  Can I hire someone to just be my all-time friend and sometimes baby helper?

For meal time, she has stopped enjoying the high chair for the most part.  We have tried a variety of methods of feeding, but she is super squirmy and likes to climb onto the dining table if we let her sit in a regular seat or in our laps.  Just yesterday I moved a small table and chairs set from her play area to the kitchen area, and she seems to really like having her own table.  I’m hoping it works because I’m not really enjoying the endless “bottom on the chair!” reminders.  About the time we have finished a couple of meals at that table, she has walked over to the big table and climbed on top.  With that and her incessant walking on the couch (a big no-no), I guess she wants to let me know that she’s still capable of mischief so I better not stop watching for a second!

We love you, KLC, and we love watching you grow.

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