Weekend Trip to Spanish Wells/Eleuthera

Hello friends.  I’m feeling so accomplished, and I want to tell you about our trip!  In the past 5 hours, I have:

  • Left our rental cottage in Spanish Wells
  • Taken a water taxi to Eleuthera
  • Ridden in a 15-passenger van to North Eleuthera airport
  • Flown in a tiny but full 18-passenger charter plane to Nassau
  • Said goodbye to T’s parents at the airport
  • Caught a taxi home to Paradise Island
  • Put the baby down for a nap
  • Made this recipe with all things still in our fridge and only 1 substitution (farfalle pasta for orzo…curious how it will turn out)
  • Baked a loaf of bread

It’s time to sit down and rest a spell.  I really love arriving home early in the day without an agenda and with energy enough to get things done.  Sundays are like this.  I get home from church on a Sunday with nothing to do, and I truly enjoy doing chores then.  Organizing, cleaning, folding laundry.  I am not a very high energy person, so this is a somewhat rare occasion in my week.  In college, I loved having classes all in the AM so I could have the afternoon for going to the gym, running errands, etc.  I’d love to figure out how to have all this energy in the morning when I haven’t left the house and come back,  but I digress.

So, our trip!  We stayed for three nights in Spanish Wells, an island settlement east of Nassau, reachable by a 2-hour ferry ride or a 20-minute flight plus taxis (see above).  We went there on the ferry (the Bo Henghy as Bahamians call it) and came home on a plane because the ferry only runs once per day, Eastbound in the AM and Westbound in the PM.  Spanish Wells is not touristy at all, and it is such a nice place to take a child with gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches.  It is mostly a residential, close-knit community of fishermen.  The lobster they catch supplies Red Lobster with all of its lobster meat.

We reached Spanish Wells on Friday, spent the first day there, and enjoyed a lobster dinner prepared for us by the couple we rented from.  How nice is that?  The husband met us at the dock with two golf carts, one for our luggage and the other for us to use for the duration of our visit.

On Saturday, we took the ferry for a 45-minute ride to Harbour Island and returned to Spanish Wells in the afternoon.  Harbour Island is a fancier island with hotels, restaurants, and many private vacation homes.  We could see the appeal of both islands but were glad we stayed in Spanish Wells with KLC in tow.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was under the weather, but we enjoyed the day again at the beach in Spanish Wells and finished by a grouper dinner.

OK, here are a few pictures of our trip!  There are several pictures where you can see the islands’ famous pink sand, which some people say is hard to really see.  I could see the pink easily in Harbour Island’s sand, but even my Spanish Wells pictures below look pink.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Spanish Wells/Eleuthera

  1. Really enjoyed the pictures. KLC is really changing. Glad she got to spend some time with the Cs. Did she remember them. How long did it take for KLC to warm up to them. I loved the picture of KLC in the water and the family picture was really good. Sounds like you had an interesting time. Dad

    • Thanks for the comment, Dad. Yes, it seems like she remembers the family members that she Skypes with. It takes 5 or 10 minutes for her to warm up to most people–not long!

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