Just Another Day….in Paradise

The baby is asleep, and I am feeling the urge to write.

At 15 months, our typical day goes something like this:

  • 6:45–T wakes up and gets ready for work and eats breakfast
  • 7:30–Baby wakes up (thank you, DST for the shift in her sleep!), T says good morning to her as he brings her to nurse and heads out the door for work
  • 8:30–Breakfast, play, clean up kitchen
  • 9:30–Outside Time or Out-of-house activity (Story time on Wednesdays, Bible study on Thursdays)
  • 10:30–Nurse/Quiet activity before nap
  • 11:00–Nap, Mom eats lunch, cleans up, reads, showers, blogs, starts dinner, makes phone calls, does the taxes, takes a nap
  • 1:00-2:00–Up from Nap, Playtime, Lunch, Nurse
  • 3:00–Outside time: walk to marina village, swim, go to the mini-beach
  • 4:30/5–Visit our neighbors because momma is starting to go a little stir crazy
  • 5:45–T comes home, playtime, finish adult dinner as baby eats dinner
  • 6:30–Start Bedtime Routine
  • 7:00/7:30–Baby in Bed, T and I eat dinner, clean up house, watch a show (currently watching The Good Wife, West Wing)

As a family, we’re falling into some weekly routines as well.

  • Mondays– attends 9 AM yoga with neighbor ladies on the dock; T goes to soccer or has guys’ night with friends/coworkers at 7:30 PM K
  • Tuesdays–K has ladies’ night with coworkers’ wives and a few other Paradise Island ladies at 8 PM
  • Wednesdays–Story Time at Logos Bookstore at 10 AM; T and K host church small group at 7:30 PM
  • Thursdays–K attends Community Ladies Bible Study
  • Fridays–Housekeeper Comes
  • Saturdays–Family Pancake Breakfast, Usually go to the beach as a family
  • Sundays–Church

Wow, I didn’t realize until now that we have something every day of the week.  I like the routine of it.  It feels cozy.  I almost didn’t mention the housekeeper on Friday because we are still a little embarrassed that we have this perk as a part of our life here.  The complex we live in is owned by T’s company, and they have housekeepers on staff who clean each apartment each week.  In addition to being a perk for those who live here, they find that it helps minimize their maintenance costs over time.  I am learning that there is nothing to be embarrassed about with having domestic help, though I often think I should be able to “do it all,” especially since I don’t work any longer.  Unfortunately, my chemical engineering and project management skills don’t transfer very well into mom life.  I am learning to be patient with myself as I grow in my capacities as a mom and wife and household manager day by day and year by year.

As a reward for reading this relatively boring post, here are some gorgeous pictures of our life here taken by our recent guest CB!  I picked out ones that reflect our normal weekly routines.





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