KLC: 15 Months

I set up a new activity area for KLC lat week and took some pictures to document it and realized, “oh, I could do a 15 month update with these!” So it seems that I have transitioned into quarterly baby updates.  KLC is 15 months and 12 days old today.


“Hey mom, let’s go play!” I think she’s more excited about the chance to play on dad’s Spikeball set here than she is about my little activity.  Playing with Spikeball is against the rules because the plastic supports are flimsy.


With the Spikeball set safely stored in her crib, we move on to the fun stuff: water play.  I grabbed random objects from around the house (empty ice bucket that takes up too much valuable freezer space, tupperware, measuring cup), filled a pitcher with water, and poured water over the items and into the bucket.  Because plenty of water makes its way out of the containers, I learned that I needed a blanket or towel to catch the spills to prevent a slippery wet deck.  A cute new rashguard swimsuit from Target is not required for this activity, but it helps.


KLC is such a fun kid these days.  It’s easy to say this now as she has resumed sleeping through the night (hallelujah!!!) just this week.  After our trip to the US, we had one night of full sleep, and then we had three sets of visitors interspersed with not one but two new molars over a one month stretch.  Ouch.  Our visitors have been so, so fun, but I would lie if I said changes in our day-to-day from visitors didn’t affect KLC’s sleeping.  It’s similar to travel but on a smaller scale.  I’m rewriting this paragraph 100 times because I don’t want anyone to not come visit us because I said this.  Remember that part about her being such a fun kid?  She wants to see you!  And so does her momma!


KLC’s language skills continue to develop.  Her biggest change is that she’s a HUGE reader now.  I wondered when/if she’d ever sit in our lap to read for more than 1-2 pages of a book.  One day, she just started doing it.  She discovered a book of 100 nursery rhymes we’ve had on the shelf for a while, and she spends at least an hour every day now looking at it and flipping the pages on her own and having us read it to her.  After she fell in love with this book, her willingness to be read to in general has changed dramatically.  Now, it’s her very favorite thing to do with daddy, and she pulls him onto the floor for reading time as soon as he comes home from work.


Physically, she is a toddler in every sense.  She has transitioned to one long mid-day nap after months of going back-and-forth, and the change is great, allowing us more ability to plan our days and attend functions in the AM like story time and Bible study.

After her first steps over Thanksgiving, she began walking in earnest on Christmas Eve.  There was no nursery at church during the Christmas day service, so KLC entertained the entire back of the church with her attempts to stand, take a few steps, and fall in the cushy aisle carpeting until I finally took her out.  She became stable on her feet within weeks, and she’s pretty speedy now.  She only reaches for our hands when she wants us to come along and not for support.

Another development has been that she (finally) began drinking from a cup!  We left a straw sippy cup of water in her crib for a couple of nights, and she used her quality time alone with it to figure out drinking.  She still nurses, but it’s wonderful to have another liquids option as we move gently towards weaning and for times she and I need to be apart.  In case you’re curious, my current nursing goal is 18 months, and I am open to going as long as 2 years, which is the World Health Organization recommended earliest age of weaning.  Americans tend to wean quite early compared to our global counterparts, and I do feel like I’m in uncharted territory as very few of my friends or acquaintances have breastfed their toddlers.  I could write a whole blog post about my thoughts and feelings about this.  I often shake my head and laugh, thinking, “Who knew I’d be such a crunchy mom, nursing a cloth-diaper-wearing toddler?”

I mentioned the toddler-esque meltdowns that were beginning in my 12 month update.  These have either lessened or become an expected part of toddler parenting.  About a month back, I read a helpful article about parenting a toddler, found here.  I also read the sections on having an older baby and young toddler in my book, “Your Baby and Child.” Both of these refer to the fact that your child is learning independence and looks and acts so much older in many ways (talking, walking), but she is still very much a baby.  I found KLC to be even clingier around 12-14 months than she was at any other point besides the newborn phase.  And then one day, I set her down around 5 PM, and she started playing.  And I magically had time to prep dinner once again.  So I made meatloaf, and our days have been a little easier ever since that day.

15 months

KLC, we’re blessed to be your parents!


4 thoughts on “KLC: 15 Months

  1. When we first moved here I had a few Ugandans ask why I didnt breast feed Sam. He was 20 months old. They looked confused when I told them I stopped at 1 years old. Ha. Go you!!

    • That’s funny, Brooke! I’m not sure what the general views on bfing in the Bahamas are yet since most people I interact with are expats and they each have the views of their home countries. The Bahamians I am around don’t have young kids, so it’s generally not a topic of conversation. Hope all is well with you and your third little nursling.

      On Mar 19, 2014, at 9:54 AM, “T and K, etc.” wrote:

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