The Start of a Beautiful Friendship: J & K

Do you ever look back at emails written at significant times?  I love doing that.  After my former roommate J and her husband M left last weekend, I was inspired to look up the email chain that started it all back in 2008.  In honor of her visit and the upcoming milestone of our husbands surpassing our personal records of roommate length of time (3 years together at the Villa; we both celebrate 3 year anniversaries this year), I share the email conversation with you.
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 3:45 PM, J wrote:
Greetings from the Silicon Valley.  🙂
KA gave me your email address as I am looking for a new roommate and living situation.  She said that you were about to move here, and thought that you might be in the midst of a similar search.
Are you still looking for a place to live?
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 6:42 PM, K wrote:
Thanks for writing!  I’m glad to hear that KA would recommend me as a roommate after having me live with her for a few days!  (:I am indeed thinking about moving to your area.  My boyfriend T is out there at Stanford and we are eager to live closer to one another.  He goes to RUF and is in the same grad program as JK, so I’ve gotten connected w/ the RUF and Grace Pres crowd through the two of them.  T doesn’t actually attend Grace, but I’ve been there a couple of times.  It has been a blessing to get to know some of the females there so I can have a place to crash when I visit T and relationships with ladies that I trust I will be able to pick back up on when I arrive.My story is that I’ve been trying to find a job that is in my field (chemical engineering), and I’ve had some positive results getting interviews, but I have not yet secured an offer.  Since I think it will be lightyears easier to find a job when I’m actually in the area, I am strongly considering quitting my job and moving.  The time frame for when I would arrive in CA would either be mid-May or mid-June.So that’s my timing.  Other than that I am looking for one or more Christian females to share living space with.  I have enough savings now to cover several months’ rent and deposits, etc, but I will have to live rather frugally until I figure out what I’m doing with my life.  (a.k.a. until I get a job).I think I’m a good person to live with.  I don’t tend toward any extremes (not overly neat or messy) except maybe talkativeness, and I have 3 siblings so I am used to shared spaces.

Looking forward to talking more!  My cell # is 423-612-7042.  I’m on Eastern Time zone, so 3 hrs ahead, but I’d love to chat.

Also, I should mention that if I decide to come out in May, I will be turning in my resignation next week.  I will be able to tell you then more definitively about timing.

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 4:56 PM, J wrote:
I’ve got your number programmed into my phone… I’ll try to give you a call sometime this weekend.  If you’d like to try me as well, my number is ###-###-####.
I like watching movies (except horror or scary ones), I read quite a bit, I try to work out about 3x a week (biking or swimming), I love to bake (though I try not to do it too often, b/c of the carbs), love dark chocolate (in almost every form), and I love to use parenteticals when I’m typing (except, of course, in professional emails).  🙂
I would echo what you said in describing yourself… I’m neither overly neat, nor overly messy.  I think it’s pretty important to keep the general area of a home tidy so that people can stop over, but my room is not always picked up (I tend to go in spurts).
I think that I’m fairly easy to live with… while I don’t like conflict, I would rather talk things through than stay frustrated.
Two major deal breakers for me would be pets (as I’m very allergic to cats, and fairly allergic to dogs), and someone who hates having people over.  I love to be hospitable, and one of the primary reasons I want to move closer to church is so that I can have people over more often.  i currently live about 30 minutes south of Palo Alto.
I’d love to chat more and get to know you a bit better.
Have a great rest of your Friday,
On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 10:57 PM, K wrote:
Wow,  3 things that make me think this arrangement might work out:
1. dark chocolate is amazing
2. i don’t have pets or have any desire for them
3. i LOVE people! and love having them over!looking forward to talking soon!
I love this email chain for reminding me of all of this:
  1. I miss my old cell phone number that I had to give up when I got a cell phone through work in California.  Does anyone else have phone number nostalgia?  Most people keep their numbers from place to place these days.
  2. This line: if I decide to come out in May, I will be turning in my resignation next week.   Ha, no big deal, just quitting my job at a Fortune 500 company any day now.  If I want to.  It’s a coin flip, really.
  3. We only communicated via email and phone until we met the day I pulled into Palo Alto with all my earthly goods in my Dodge Stratus and signed our lease.  Our personalities are both pretty strong (bossy/dominant/uber-social), and we had a few bumps along the way, but God was faithful to give us to one another as sharpening irons.
  4. Our shared love of hospitality bound us together and resulted in our opening our home many, many times to friends, parties, and J’s community group not to mention bridal showers, baby showers, Easter buffet, Thanksgiving meal, pub nights, and my coworker Christmas parties.  Singleness did not effect our desire or ability to share our lives with community, but little of it could have happened without the partnership we had along with one another and with the other beautiful women who lived at the Villa (shout out to EP, EA, DW, and JK).

What do you think, those of you who know me and/or J?  Did we describe ourselves accurately six years ago?  Have we changed?


6 thoughts on “The Start of a Beautiful Friendship: J & K

  1. A few thoughts:
    – I teared up reading this
    – I miss your old phone number and the fact that I used to know it by heart and knew for certain how to call you…still a little confused on that one
    – J has affected my life in many ways, mainly that I floss daily and try to keep my bathroom counter clean
    – The Villa was an inspiration to me as I tried to set up my own singe adult life in the ATL
    – this made me nostalgic for all my past trips to see you in CA

  2. This made me laugh so hard…your descriptions of yourselves are so spot-on! 🙂 I also love your email about “I’ll decide by the end of the week” about such a major life decision! Totally had no recollection of introducing you via email (before I was married!) – but am glad I did!

  3. If I had to describe J in one word, from the few times I met her, it would be hospitable. It IS fun to look back on old emails like that! Like Ash, I also felt nostalgic for the days when beautiful CA and the company of my cuz were only a short flight away. 🙂

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