Enjoying the Slow Life

One of the reasons we decided to come to the Bahamas is that we realized that our life was drastically different with a child.  Why not take that new rhythm of life that was admittedly much slower and transport it to a place that embraces a slower reality?

T’s job is in finance.  He also interviewed for finance positions in Manhattan.  That would have been a seriously different life.  I would have embraced it, but for now I am sure that this life, this slower life, is what God had in mind for us.

Since our trip to the US, KLC and I have been back in Nassau for two weeks.  We have been so happy to be back with T and in our own space, and we also enjoyed a week-long visit from friends J&M from California who were happy to embrace the slow life with us.

As a recap of our trip, let me share a few moments that stood out to me as sweet blessings:

  1. The night we arrived in Atlanta, my dad drove down (from Tennessee) to pick us up from the airport and then babysit for KLC while the sisters went to dinner.  I felt incredibly loved.
  2. Speaking of T, it was remarkable how KLC seemed to be happier a few days into our trip when T joined us in Houston.  She loves her daddy, and I love seeing her light up in his presence.
  3. I got the best hug from my friend EC in Houston.  She joined us for dinner at our host’s home and literally knocked me over as she came in the door.  I said, “whoa, hi!” and she said, “sorry! I didn’t realize how happy I would be to see you!”  Her reaction summed up my feeling towards the entire time we were in Houston.
  4. There are so many things in the United States to miss.  I realized when opening the freezer of our host in Houston that I had forgotten that Blue Bell ice cream exists.  I didn’t know whether to be happy to see/taste/experience new and forgotten things or to be sad since I wouldn’t have access to them in the Bahamas.  The most interesting new find was the Kuhl-Linscomb department store in Houston.
  5. I almost missed our flight from Houston to Nashville because I was interpreting my calendar as Eastern time rather than Central time.  Eek.  Providentially, the friend I had planned to meet for coffee that morning was sick so I went straight to the airport.  And THEN I ran into a friend at the airport that we had been unable to connect with during our visit.  And she was on our flight! And she sat with me!  So we got an hour and a half to catch up while KLC napped in my arms.  Sweet, sweet blessing.
  6. After the most providential airport experience ever, T’s mom picked me and KLC up and then brought me to Opry Mills for an hour+ of baby-free shopping!!!
  7. The final weekend of the trip was spent in Kingsport, and cousins J & A from Knoxville joined us for the first-ever T family cousin weekend.  How fun!  The highlight of the time was a trip to an indoor play place in Johnson City.  A wasn’t too excited to stop playing for this picture, but J & KLC were hamming it up.Cousin Weekend

For the sake of brevity, I am leaving out a lot of wonderful trip highlights–meals, coffee dates, and conversations with dear friends (many of whom read this blog! hellooooo friends!).  I am also skimming over the lowlights of taking KLC for her 1 year well-check complete with four shots and a needle prick for a blood test (checking her iron level, which was fine) and my own bout with a 24-hr GI bug, but I am betting you don’t mind the lack of commentary on those two events.  OK, I’m ending this post even though I have about 20 more things I want to say but I can’t really figure out how to fit them in.  Also, I have a goal of adding more pictures to this post and all my posts in general, but this is what I can manage for now.

xo from the Bahamas.


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Slow Life

  1. Kari, that’s so sweet – what you said about dad. I’ll have to make sure he reads it! Loved this recap of you trip and the perspective on island life!

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