A Tale of Two New Years

This is our second opportunity to ring in the new year as parents.

Last year…we woke up amid K’s extended family in Florida on New Year’s Eve and caught a 5:30 AM flight back to Houston with our three week old.

This year…we spent New Year’s Eve with T’s parents in the Bahamas.

Last year…we had an appointment with the pediatrician’s lab to redo KLC’s blood work for the Texas infant screening because they didn’t get enough blood the first time, and the appointment turned into a semi-intervention described here due to her failure to gain much weight over the proceeding 12 days.  And I learned that scheduling an appointment approximately two hours after you land from a week-long trip with a very small baby probably wasn’t a super smart idea.

This year…another member of the family got blood drawn–me!  It wasn’t particularly fun to get pricked twice, but I needed to get it done because I am seeing a wellness doctor for an assortment of minor things.  I have become much more aware of my own health during this time when a wee one is so dependent on me, and I am excited about doing a few things to optimize my wellbeing for the good of our family.

I also pulled off a second appointment, also thanks to the help of T’s parents.  I got a hair cut!  Six months of no hair cut = super blah hair.  No more!

Last year…we had a NYE debacle involving water leaking from the attic and through the ceiling into our apartment’s kitchen.  The leak was discovered around 9 or 10 PM and ended up being a leaking pipe into the water heater.  The shut-off valve was broken, so, finding no other solution, T spent the entire night hauling himself out of bed into the attic to bail water every hour to prevent an even bigger issue.  Our landlords found a plumber to repair the pipe the next morning.  He confirmed that the only way to have shut off the leak would have been to cut off water at the street to the entire duplex.

This year…we had a NYE debacle involving water leaking from the attic and through the ceiling into the C’s apartment’s bathroom The leak was discovered around 1 PM and ended up being a clogged drain from the air conditioning unit.  Since our two-bedroom place can’t fit all 7 of us, they are staying in a nearby apartment also owned by T’s company.  Ever efficient, the property manager dispatched an AC repair crew to the apartment and had the issue resolved by 4 PM.

Last year…we had zero plans except sleep.  On Facebook, I posted “All I want for NYE is to be asleep at midnight.”  KLC obliged and slept until 1:40 AM, according to my follow-up comment.

This year…we made plans with T’s coworker and his wife to play board games while the Cs stayed in with the sleeping baby and anticipated coming home just before the fireworks displays at Atlantis down the road and over the Nassau harbor, both of which we would be able to see from our condo.  Board games (and chocolate martinis) were fun but were cut short by a phone call at 11 PM that KLC wanted to join the party and was up.  She wakes up once a night fairly consistently, though lately the wakings are around 5 AM.  Midnight brought me in the baby’s room with its blackout curtains, pacing the floor with a sleeping baby who hadn’t been asleep long enough to sleep through the commotion of the new year.  The fireworks sounded spectacular.  Boom, boom, boom.

Last year…we had a house divided for the Rose Bowl, University of Wisconsin (K’s family’s team that was quarterbacked by a family friend from Tennessee) vs Stanford (T’s grad school).

Go Bucky!


This year…we have a house divided for the Rose Bowl.  Michigan State (Mrs. C’s alma mater) vs Stanford.  T, KLC, and I are already sporting our cardinal red.

Happy New Year and symmetric celebrations to all!  Go Stanford.


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