Shoes have been objects of fascination for KLC for some time now.  In the past couple of months, she has gone from using them as chew toys (like every other object) to attempting to put her feet in them, which is adorable.

Now that KLC is past the “wear baby shoes because it’s just so cute” stage, we don’t put shoes on her because recent research has shown that it is better for kids to go barefoot as they learn to stand and walk.  Even when she is toddling, I don’t plant to put her in shoes as long as we are in our home or immediate surroundings.  (Yay for year-round warm weather!)  For some reason, though, I projected my own desire for her to develop strong feet and legs and go barefoot onto her as her preference.  And then yesterday I realized, “Wait, she puts her feet in our shoes all the time.  Why wouldn’t she want to wear shoes her own size?”

I pulled out our one pair of shoes (thanks, C&T!!) that I’ve been saving for when she starts walking and we go out, and this resulted:

Kallisti’s First Shoe


10 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Stoopid shoes… they not know they are supposed to jump onto my cute lil feet??!!! Great that she’s watched the adults enough to think she should be able to just step into them too!

    • Ha, well I should have mentioned that I put the shoe on her, then she promptly removed it, and then I started filming this video.

      On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 9:58 PM, T and K, etc.

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