KLC: 11 Months

Wow, only 1 more month until 1!  KLC is 11 months (plus 1 day) today.

11 months

I always read the last month’s update when I write the current month, and I enjoy thinking of all the big and little ways she has changed.  This month’s big events have been

  1. Napping in the Crib: I’ve mentioned in a previous post that we “nap trained” KLC, and she took to it like a fish to water with only one really hard nap when she protested on the first day.  She’s sleeping beautifully in her crib for an hour plus per nap (as opposed to 5-30 minutes before with tons of help from me to get to sleep), and I have gained 15% of my sanity back.
  2. Infant Survival Swim Lessons: Speaking of a fish in water, we are committed to teaching KLC to love the water and know its dangers.  T’s parents live on the lake, both of our grandmothers have lake getaways where we spend time, and we have both a pool and the Atlantic Ocean in our lives every day in the Bahamas.  This is our third week of daily swim lessons that last 10 minutes where KLC is learning to float on her back and to get to that position herself if she were to fall in the water.  Check the link for more information and to see videos.
  3. Language/Communication Development: When we helped KLC learn to go to sleep on her own just after she turned 6 months, she started to crawl soon afterwards.  This time, her better napping seems to have correlated to an increased ability for her to communicate with us.  I had been making the baby signs “more” and “all done” at meal time for a couple of months, knowing that she would join me in making the signs when she was ready.  She did the sign “more” for the first time on the day she napped in her crib again.  I don’t know that the ability to sign was related to her being more well-rested, but it definitely seems related to me.  Since that day, she has consistently used the “more” sign and seems to be more communicative in general all the time.

KLC continues to cut teeth–we’re at 7 now!  Her other stats are height: 30.5″ and weight: 18 lb 8 oz (or so).  She continues to be 90%+ for height and is a just shy of 50% for weight.  Her weight percentile has dropped some, but I attribute that to how busy she is (and I worry about it some, but that’s part of being a mom, right?).

The toys she enjoys are board books, stacking cups, cars, and balls.  She has learned how to turn pages in the books, which is cute, and she doesn’t seem to want to rip pages out of regular books any longer (though we try not to give her that opportunity).  Her enjoyment of stacking cups has progressed from wanting to take them all apart to wanting to fit them back together.  Putting something in another thing is a fun game, like putting a sock in daddy’s mouth.  Hilarious for all parties.  She also is trying to figure out the toys where shapes go through shaped slots and can stay engaged with them for some time.  Playing catch with various balls has become a daily occurrence.  Sophie the Giraffe has reemerged on the toy scene as a favorite in the past couple of months due to the noise she makes.

We are still waiting for KLC to let go and take her first steps after being a crawler for four and a half months.  I have predicted that she would start walking by now, but, of course, it’s hard to predict a baby.   Each new skill is exciting but dreaded at the same time as we wonder how it will change her ability to play independently and safely.  This month, her big change has been learning to climb.  On everything.  One hilarious moment was when I was Skyping with my parents and she decided she wanted to get to them/the computer and climbed right up onto the couch for the first time alone as we all watched in wonder.  We rearranged our living room to push the couch against the wall and add in more soft surfaces to add a layer of protection in case of a big fall.  So far, so good.

KLC’s dislikes have continued to include being separated from mom and dad.  She still cries at the nursery drop-off, but she perks up in less than a minute (according to the nursery ladies).  She also gets very clingy when we get to swim lessons as I do not go into the pool with her, and she cries when she sees me at the edge of the pool.  As soon as she gets out and back in my arms, though, she’s all smiles.

This month also included our first visitors, one of T’s grad school friends and his girlfriend (C and E from Boston), which was a real treat.  The coming month will hold SO much excitement I can hardly stand it.  My cousin G is flying down from Milwaukee in 5 days for a week-long visit, my sister A and her husband M will be here 5 days after that, and my parents and sister Baby K will join us for Thanksgiving and a 5-day visit.  And at the end of her 12th month, we’ll have one more visitor, NW from NYC, on her first birthday!  I’m looking forward to seeing her delight in each of the visitors, finishing swim lessons next week, and working with her to learn more baby sign language this month.  What signs should I work on next? (I’m thinking “daddy” and “mommy.”)

P.S. KLC wanted to demonstrate her couch-climbing technique for you in the following sequence:Couch Climber


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