Weather in the Bahamas (or I Love

Hi friends.

Have you heard of  T and I use it all the time.  I think our friend J (husband of Alison) introduced me to it in a discussion about Edward Tufte.

The Bahamas weather is warm year-round as shown in this lovely graphic, courtesy of WeatherSpark. (Click on the first graphic to go to the site and play around.  The rest of the graphics are clickable and will zoom in to a screenshot of the site.)


The average high never gets below 77 degrees.  Whoa.  As a comparison (WeatherSpark is the coolest! you can do comparisons!), you can see that Nassau’s weather is very similar to Miami, just a little warmer in the winter.


When we were considering T’s job offer, people in the Bahamas cautioned us that it was very hot here.  Well, people, we were living in Houston, so we weren’t too concerned but we were curious how the weather compared season-by-season.  That’s when we found this comparison feature of WeatherSpark originally.

Bahamas_HoustonAs we suspected, Houston is actually hotter than Nassau (at least in the summer, when the heat is the most unbearable).  But wow, Houston seems almost antarctic with those cooler temperatures in the winter.  (I miss fall, by the way.  A lot.)  The average year-round temperature is warmer in Nassau, but the summer is warmer in Houston.  Which one is the definition of “hot”?  Philosophical question of the day…

Going back one more step in our history, let’s compare Nassau to Palo Alto.

Bahamas_PaloAltoIsn’t that interesting?  Beautiful, cool, temperate Palo Alto.  I miss you, too.  Note that the band of average high to average low is quite a bit bigger in Palo Alto, which makes for the interesting reality of needing a sweater or jacket almost every day of the year there.  I remember vividly feeling freezing cold after sundown on my birthday (July 15) one year.

Finally, let’s step back in time one more to compare Nassau to our hometowns in Tennessee.


Now there’s some cool weather!  Don’t you love how smart WeatherSpark is?  It added a line to show freezing temperatures.  No, that didn’t exist on the other plots because it very rarely gets that cold in the other cities.  We’ve moved to gradually warmer and warmer weather over time.  Tennessee is certainly no frozen tundra, but it does get its share of snow and is a beautiful four-seasons state.

So there you have it, the average weather in the Bahamas.


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