The C Family’s International Relocation

I read a blog post with tips on saving money while moving today. I started writing a comment on that post that almost turned into an entire post in itself. I think it’s time I write a recap of our international moving adventure.

I am currently sitting in the car, typing with my thumbs, so I won’t write a full-blown post now. But when I do write, here are some topics I plan to cover:
1. Logistics of our move
2. Emotions of our move
3. Keep, Store, Give Away, Sell: where’s our stuff?
4. Blessings of forced simplification
5. Vehicles and international relocation
6. Challenges of moving with an infant

Hmm, is this even interesting to anyone? It’s beginning to look like one of my longer blog series. I know that, at a minimum, the series will help me process what we’ve experienced this year. And maybe it will help others who are facing moves of their own?

Ok here’s a funny and totally unrelated pic of the baby to reward your post-reading endurance:



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