KLC: 10 Months

Here’s our happy girl again this month!

10 months

The key to getting a cooperative baby for this picture was catching her just as she woke up from her nap.  She gave me a solid 5 seconds of shooting time–wow!  And look at those pearly whites!  If you look closely, you can see all four of her beauties.  Two more broke through during the past month, the upper left front tooth and the lower tooth just to the left of her two front teeth.  She has a whole bunch more just waiting to pop any day.  After the first top tooth came through, she slept through the night (12 hours) three times in one week, which was the first uninterrupted sleep we’d experienced since she was three months old.  Because she is fairly mild-mannered, that was our first time to really notice how much teething is affecting her.

Baby girl continues to bless us with her excited, active, sweet nature.  For the past day, I’ve been contemplating some of the bitter with the sweet.  We had a small scare for her safety yesterday, and I realized yet again how fragile and dependent she is.  I have been reminding myself since then that God loves her more than we do, and He is her ultimate protector.

KLC is enjoying some new toys she got from a neighbor, a table/bench/piano, a musical “gate,” and a short tunnel.  It is fun to watch her learn and discover.

Her dislikes this month were related to illness.  While we were visiting Atlantis, she became ill, and her runny nose lasted a full week.  We used a Nose Frida nasal aspirator and saline spray to help her congestion, but she was NOT excited about either of these.  Later in the week when swimming, she breathed in some of the salt water of the pool, which inadvertently did the trick.  She also has started to show signs of separation anxiety.  Two weeks ago at church, she cried when we dropped her off at the nursery.  She was particularly tired that morning, so we mostly wrote it off.  Today, she started bawling and sweetly laying her head on my chest (which she never does) as we walked in the door to the nursery room.  What a funny girl!  We gave her a minute and then passed her to Miss Sylvie, the nursery lady, who calmed her down within a minute of our leaving her line of sight.

KLC’s 10th month passed quickly and happily in our new home other than the brief illness.  Besides the trip to Atlantis, we also went to “Tiny Bops,” a kids’ music time, twice, and to a story time at a book store twice.  Each outing has proved rewarding as I have connected with other moms and KLC has interacted with other babies.

What a life, my little 10 month old.  What a life.


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