Our 2nd Anniversary Walkcation

I’m going to try to post a little “walkcation” recap in the five minutes I estimate KLC will continue playing on her own in the living room.

We had a good weekend, but it was not without its challenges.

Friday: KLC and I arrive early afternoon, check in, head to the pools (of which there are 11!).  T arrives after work with our luggage.  Eat dinner in the room while baby sleeps.

Saturday: After a night of fitful sleep from an increasingly unwell baby, we enjoy the pools more, and T hits up every water slide in the water park.  Our big dinner out at Mesa Grill sans baby suddenly becomes a stressful night with a third wheel in a fancy restaurant when we realize we can’t bring her to our friend’s house as planned and risk infecting her son.  The dinner does not dissapoint.  The grill focuses on Southwestern flavors, which I sorely miss from Houston. We order:

  • Margaritas (House for me, Peach for Thomas)
  • Goat Cheese Queso + Chips
  • Spice-rubbed pork tenderloin and sweet potato tamale
  • Ahi Tuna Steak and couscous
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream

What a treat!

Sunday: We enjoy a second full day at the resort because our package includes a significant “resort credit” to use on food if you stay three nights.  After an early morning downloaded sermon time (we debated going to church, but with KLC sick we’d probably have skipped regardless), we hit the pools again as well as the private beaches.  Momma tries out one of the death-defying water slides.  We also enjoy our second day of breakfast buffets that serve as both breakfast and lunch for us.  Delicious!  We intend to visit for “Sunday brunch” but arrive too early, and ate the breakfast buffet instead.  Silly Americans thinking that Sunday brunch would start earlier than 11:30 AM…  The day ends with a momma feeling a bit sick and another dinner of take-out, this time from Virgil’s, the American BBQ joint that serves family-style (HUGE) portions.  We keep the leftovers from one serving of pulled pork, and it feeds us for two nights and a lunch.

Monday: We pack up early so T can get to work close to on-time.  KLC and I make a final round of the grounds and hit up the nicest Starbucks I’ve ever been to.  The plan is to grab a nap back in the room and then hit up the pools again before returning home, but the maid thinks we have checked out and is just finishing her turnover of the room as we return.  I check out, fairly miffed, and walk home, where my attitude quickly brightens with relief over being in our own space again.

A few other random tidbits from our walkcation:

  • I timed the walk, which was 30 minutes for me and KLC in the stroller from door to check-in desk, including a few diversions due to stairs.
  • When T made the same walk, it took him 13 minutes.
  • Atlantis is a nice resort.  My favorite thing was the diversity of pools.  We focused on them rather than the beach since we can have the beach any weekend (what a life, ha).  Almost all of them had zero-entry areas, which are perfect for babies and kids.  KLC was a wild woman, crawling straight into the pool, deeper and deeper until she was swallowing pool water.  (oops.)  The kid-specific areas were nice, as well.
  • Another favorite was walking from the Royal Towers to the newest area where the Cove and the Reef are located.  The Cove is a luxury hotel, and the Reef is luxury condos.  The actual pools there are off-limits for the rest of the guests, but even the corridors and restaurants were very nice to roam around and experience.
  • Drawbacks of Atlantis: expensive, but we made the best of it by choosing a non-peak time and getting resort credit.  We found plenty to do to keep us busy, but there are many, many add-ons that can significantly increase your costs while there.  It feels like a cruise or Disney in those ways.  You’ve already laid out a lot of cash probably to be there, but they have a way of making you feel cheap if you don’t buy more.  The customer service is pretty good, but it’s not American.  I may write a post about Bahamian customer service at some point, but the main thing I’ve learned is that the timing implied or quoted should not be expected.  We weren’t particularly disappointed in anything except the checkout experience with the maid.
  • The main trade-off for me of traveling with KLC: worse sleep (made much worse by the illness, but I guess it would have been bad at home as well) vs the luxury of no cooking and being waited on.
  • Staying in a hotel with a baby is a new challenge in our lives.  Having two rooms or two separate areas, such as in a suite, is very nice since we all sleep best if KLC is in her own space.  We didn’t have that for this trip.  We tried putting the crib in the closet with the doors ajar so she could have more quiet and dark and we could eat, talk quietly, watch TV.
  • The idea of traveling with a babysitter is growing on me.  We were so excited for the night out we had planned, and it was disappointing to not have that alone time or any alone time in fact during the weekend.  The friend of ours who was lined up for Saturday evening offered to watch her on Sunday if she was feeling better, but I had started feeling bad by then as well so we passed on that offer.  Another time, hopefully.

OK, I’m going to add a few pictures now at the end.  And, no, I didn’t finish this post in 5 minutes of play time.  But I finished it!  Hooray! Enjoy pictures:

Who needs a kiddie pool when you have beach chairs to play on?

Who needs a kiddie pool when you have beach chairs to play on?

Royal Towers, where we stayed, is in the background, one of 5 hotels on the property.

Royal Towers, where we stayed, is in the background and is one of 5 hotels on the property.

Such cuties.

Such cuties.


Anniversary Dinner +1

Anniversary Dinner +1


Breakfasting at Mosaic

Breakfasting at Mosaic

She likes "walking" in water better than on land

She likes “walking” in water better than on land

Queen of Atlantis (and our hearts)

Queen of Atlantis (and our hearts)


2 thoughts on “Our 2nd Anniversary Walkcation

  1. Sounds like an overall good experience. So sad that K baby was sick. Don’t know if I could ever talk J daddy into going there. Although I’m sure I would love it!

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