Happy 2nd Anniversary to T&K!

I was 5 days into a 7-day countdown, and I lost steam.  Oh well! I’m proud of the five days of honoring T.  Maybe I can save my material for days 6 and 7 for next year?

SO it’s our ANNIVERSARY.  And there are no blog-writing regrets on ANNIVERSARIES, right?

There is, however, a cute video of our offspring as a reward for our faithful readers after putting up with baby-less posts for a whole week.  (Caveat: it was the end of the day, and I was tired, so don’t expect bows or a girly outfit, OK?)

She has learned to get down from things by swinging her leg around and feeling her way behind her.  Our bed is low, and the couch and futon are also low enough for her to do this trick.  She extended her skills to the steps, and two days ago she went all the way down a flight of stairs (with supervision).

We celebrated our big day this morning with chocolate chip pancakes!  Tonight, we’ll have a nice dinner at home and watch our wedding videos.  This weekend, we’re going for a walkcation!  You’ve heard of staycations, where you stay at home and call it a vacation, right?  Well, we’re walking 1 mile down the road and staying for the weekend at the Atlantis resort.

We researched traveling by ferry to another island, but the effort and cost involved seemed prohibitive for a quick getaway with a wee one.  Even though mega-resorts like Atlantis aren’t typically our thing, we are really looking forward to the weekend.  It is a huge complex with a waterpark, 11 pools, and an aquarium.  The resort also has some of the best restaurants on the island.  We made reservations for Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  Plus, it’s only fitting that we check out the biggest attraction on the island in advance of any visitors, right?

As I pause to remember our wedding, here is a slideshow of a few pictures from our evening wedding reception.  T, I look forward to dancing through the next year with you, the most loving and loyal and persistent man I know!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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