2nd Anniversary Countdown: 3 Days to go

A few things to clear up before I write today’s post:

My mom assured me that she was completely stumped by this sign.  To help everyone get more sleep at night, I will fill you in:

GPAGICMEWOAT = Greatest Party After Greatest ICME Wedding Of All Time

Where ICME is the program at Stanford these friends met in, the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering.

GOAT is an acronym used in sports writing to shorten the oft-used phrase “Greatest Of All Time.”  Many of the bantering emails sent by the friends mentioned yesterday include debates on important things like “Who would be on the Mt Rushmore of Hvegas [Hendersonville] GOATs?” and whether Jim Harbaugh’s recruiting tactics made him the GOAT of college football coaches.  WOATs (worst of all time) are sometimes included as well.

 Athlete.  Teacher. Mathematician, and Friend have all been covered, and today I will write about T as a brother and son.

I’m running out of days here, and it may seem like I’m lumping two things together.  The point is that T is a family man.  He cares about and is devoted to his family.

T’s brother A and sister C have an incredible big brother.  I admire the way he is involved in their lives and is always willing to lend a hand or an ear.  In return we are blessed to have them in our lives as friends and as a great aunt and uncle.  They were the first family members besides the grandparents to meet KLC in Houston.


It’s hard to write about what a good son T is to his parents.  Parents give their children so much more than children give back to their parents.  It seems a bit precocious to talk about what a great son anyone is, right?  I have a somewhat outside perspective, and I see that he has a deep respect for each of his parents and calls on them as advisers frequently.  As a young adult, isn’t the highest compliment you can pay to your parents to ask their advice when you no longer have to take it?’


As I mentioned, though, T’s parents go above and beyond as parents to him and grandparents to KLC.  Most recently, they were absolutely irreplaceable during my sister’s wedding weekend.  They put KLC to bed while we enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and the reception.  His mother is a baby whisperer, and his father is a soothing presence, willing to hold her and walk endless laps of the hotel room until she succumbs to sleep. The picture above is from the reception after KLC finally went to sleep.  They were able to leave her with our friends and join us.

The whole fam from March 2013 at Mrs. C's surprise birthday weekend.

The whole fam from March 2013 at Mrs. C’s surprise birthday weekend.

I am grateful for such a great family of in-laws and the way T stays connected to them!  We are getting excited for their upcoming visit over Christmas.


One thought on “2nd Anniversary Countdown: 3 Days to go

  1. I think T (whoops! Used his name and had to delete it) is such a great family and because he has such a strong heritage of family. That’s one reason I am so glad you married him! His family is incredible!

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