2nd Anniversary Countdown: 5 Days to go

I have now written about T as an athlete and a teacher.

Today, I am writing about T as a mathematician.DSC_3007

What does “mathematician” bring to mind for you?  I always enjoyed math growing up, but I would never expect math to play such a big part in our family.

Mathematician =  a person with an extremely varied and valuable skillset = a person who can get interesting jobs in exotic locations = a person with a large network of fun and interesting colleagues

The picture above is of T’s graduate school friends from our wedding photo book .  We were truly honored and surprised when almost every invitee from the iCME program made the trip to East Tennessee for our wedding.  Two of the friends here are planning to be among our first guests in Nassau this fall.  I was just doing a “where are they now?” exercise to see if I could remember.

  • 3 professors
  • 2 post-doctoral scholars
  • 1 Facebook employee
  • 1 IBM research employee
  • 1 researcher on Wall Street
  • 1 entrepreneur
  • 2 PhD candidates

T’s research has been in the areas of sensor imaging and financial math.  One of the best things for him about graduate school was how learning more about math (particularly applied math) opens up the rest of the world of science since math is a toolkit that allows you to understand the world.  He had a hard time deciding on just one area for research at the beginning of graduate school.

I admire T’s hunger for knowledge and capacity to learn.

P.S. Any guesses on what the chalkboard message means?


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