2nd Anniversary Countdown: 6 Days to go

Yesterday, I wrote about T as an athlete.

Today, I am writing about T as a teacher.


T has taught both formally and informally.  Formally, he taught for 5 semesters at Rice and served as a teaching assistant for several more at both Rice and Stanford.  The picture above is of his final class at Rice, a senior design class.  It was a two-semester class that spanned our final year in Houston.  He also taught seminars for 5 semesters and classes in linear algebra and partial differential equations for undergrads.

Informally, he is the most willing teacher I know.  In any area of expertise he has, he is willing to give his time and effort to impart that knowledge to you.  This is a major plus for a guy you’re planning to have children with.  KLC is one lucky ducky.

T has taught me lots of things.  A few include

  • Appreciation of international soccer.  I have fond memories of watching the 2002, 2006, and 2010 world cups with T.  Next year will be our first World Cup as a married couple.  We should celebrate.  Living in Nassau, we have lots of international friends, so organizing soccer-watching parties shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Liking salmon.  My family hardly ate any fish or seafood growing up, but he was sure that his mom’s salmon would make me a believer.  He was right.
  • Waterskiing and wakeboarding.  Like T, my family frequented lakes growing up.  However, our lake time was spent with cousins and friends, and we each got 1, maybe 2, attempts per year behind the boat.  And (sorry, uncles, if you’re reading this) my boat-driving uncles weren’t particularly interested in any of our water sport development.  T, on the other hand, takes it as a matter of pride that his pupils WILL get up.  He and his mother are really excellent teachers, and I’ve learned to enjoy the water, thanks to them.  Much to his chagrin, his wife isn’t very interested in learning to slalom ski.  God gave us two legs for a reason, people.
  • Acceptance of myself.  No one has ever been a bigger fan of me than T.  He thinks I’m beautiful, and his support has buoyed me through my entire adult life.  Man, I’m glad we got married.  It’s so cool to be able to say that the man who taught me to appreciate my own gifts when I was 17 is now the person I am spending my life with.

Thank you, T, for giving of yourself to teach me and to teach others.  We are blessed to know you as our teacher.


4 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary Countdown: 6 Days to go

  1. This is so sweet!

    He has taught me many things in your 10+ years as well. Anyone with the patience to teach me to ski and spikeball deserves a prize 🙂

    • Yeah! he’s taught us all things! I wonder if anyone else reading this has something to share? There’s the classic story of A calling him distraught during her first week of college taking calculus III.

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