2nd Anniversary Countdown: 7 Days to go

Hi friends,  Our second wedding anniversary is one week away!

Last year, I counted down to our anniversary by recounting memories of our wedding.  I enjoyed those posts because I got to take a break from pregnancy land and remember that I was still a newlywed.  This year, I’d like to talk about what I appreciate about T.  T doesn’t know about this.  Surprise, honey!

My goal is to honor T and to remind myself of all of the reasons I married him.  I thank God for him daily, but it is a helpful exercise for me to write these things out.  I hope you don’t mind reading along.

Today, I am writing about T as an athlete.


As you may have noticed, T is in great shape physically.  This is a picture from our family beach day this past weekend.  He is an inspiration to me in the way he takes care of himself through his diet and also his commitment to being active.

T likes to watch sports, but mostly he loves to play sports.  His favorites are

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Spikeball
  • Volleyball

Growing up, T was on the swim team and played soccer, and in high school he also played tennis and ran cross country.  He grew up on the water, and he enjoys all types of water sports (skiing, wakeboarding, extreme tubing) as well.  His brother A and sister C were also soccer players, and C played college soccer.  I admire the way his family prioritizes healthy living. (and am intimidated by it…but we’re working through that…)  In college, T played club water polo, club volleyball, and club ultimate frisbee.  In grad school, he continued playing ultimate frisbee and played a lot of indoor and sand volleyball. He met many of his best friends in each of his phases of life through sports.


One of many (many, many, many) lake shots we have. This one is from 2010.

Sports continue to serve as a social outlet for T.  On most Saturdays in Houston, T would organize a group to play ultimate or spikeball on Rice’s campus.  It was a great way to get to know people, and the email list got longer and longer by the week.  He never knew who would show up.  For his 30th birthday this spring, I organized a “Sports Extravaganza” in his honor at a Houston park.  A group of our friends showed up to join him for all of his favorites: spikeball, ultimate and volleyball.  Sports are T’s favorite way to connect with people.


T with his 30th birthday Spikeball cake (made by friend AE)

The ultimate testament to T’s athleticism and enjoyment of all things sporting is where he spent his bachelor weekend over Labor Day 2011: at home in Hendersonville, TN.  His parents live on the lake, and he could think of no better way to spend a weekend with his friends than going out on the boat, playing sports constantly, and eating a lot of good food.  I can’t find a picture from that weekend right now (maybe they were all destroyed??), but I’ll post one of that great group of friends when I find it.

I am blessed to be married to such a healthy man!

P.S. For the sake of time, I included easy-to-find pictures in this post.  T will probably be mad that I didn’t include his BEST sports pictures of all time.  He has so many!  He loves sports pictures, especially of his friends.  Perhaps more of his favs will show up in other posts this week.

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