Day in the Life: 9 Months | Teaser

Y’all, I’m excited to post some major cuteness.  T’s friend RT asked us on Sunday how often we take videos of KLC.  We realized: not often.  So yesterday, I kept our point-and-click camera in my pocket and pulled it out whenever she was doing something cute.

This little exercise served an unintended purpose of increasing my joy in the baby, even during what has been a challenging week with her.  She’s just so cute so often.  I took thirteen videos (won’t post all of them, don’t worry), and those were only half the times that she was being cute.  I didn’t always have the camera ready or she was in my arms, etc.

I will share more of the videos in a longer post about a typical day for her, but here’s a teaser.  (You don’t have to have seen this to appreciate the video, but it helps.)

KLC’s ABC Animals


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