KLC: 9 Months

Happy 3/4 year, baby girl!

9 months

*This angry and somewhat blurry picture brought to you courtesy of the 9 month sleep regression.  No babies were held down in order to make this picture.  This is the nano-second between T laying her down and the baby rolling over and sitting up.

Baby girl’s likes and activities have been pretty stable since last month.  Since we’ve been in the Bahamas, she has been reintroduced to her toys. It is fun to see her learn and discover and play.  She is in the “take everything apart” phase: dumping the bucket of pieces on the floor, removing all the ABC animals from their slots, and taking all the nesting cups apart.

KLC’s enjoyment of fruit has turned into a very strong preference for bananas.  Do you think babies grow to love bananas because they are such a recognizable food?  She catches the merest glimpse of that yellow peel, and her excitement is at its peak.

Her love turned into a bit of an “oops” when we flew to Atlanta.  We were upgraded to first class (woot woot!), and the snack basket that is was passed held some lovely bananas.  I had brought a banana in our carry-on that already managed to look like someone sat on it and passed it through the garbage disposal, so I grabbed two.  I have a harder time entertaining her on flights these days because she doesn’t fall asleep easily and if she does go down it’s not for long.  She wants to MOVE.  Also, there is a limited amount of fun one can have nursing a baby who loves to play with the nursing cover and pop off and on next to a rather grumpy-looking man.  So, banana to the rescue!  She ate an entire (smallish) banana, little bite by little bite.  She was loving it so much that I even opened a second one.  Man, this is awesome, she is entertained for  an entire 15 minutes with banana eating!

And then…her digestion was screwed up for three full days.  She couldn’t sleep because she was in such discomfort.  After the first night in the hotel, which was relatively normal, it took me or someone else 2-3 hours to get her down at night.  She refused naps for a day and a half.  All of this was super fun in the midst of my sister’s WEDDING weekend, chock full of activities. (Thank you, thank you to T’s parents for saving the day and keeping her during both the rehearsal dinner and the reception so we could enjoy the time with my family!)

Everything cleared up eventually, but I learned my lesson: suddenly increasing a baby’s solids intake in one sitting with very little water (which she won’t drink more than a small sip of) is not such a good idea.

KLC’s dislikes have once again centered on naps.  Since arriving, she has alternated between good weeks and bad weeks of napping.  I’m trying to figure out whether to do more sleep training focused on naps, but mostly I’m just at a loss and frustrated.

The 9th month was overall a peaceful, sweet time of settling into our new life, highlighted by our trip to Atlanta for the wedding.  I want to write about the wedding separately, so I’ll save most of the pictures, etc, for that post.  It was a joy to be a part of A&M’s celebration and especially fun to have a behind-the-scenes view of the entire event.  They are back from their honeymoon and are enjoying settling in back in Atlanta.  KLC was superb as their Flower Baby, a critical role in the ceremony.

One pic from the weekend, the Flower Baby working it at the rehearsal and showing off her new monogrammed baby bracelet–sweet:


Onward to fall in the tropics and continued exploration of our beautiful new home.


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