Thoughts from Week 2

Well hello there.  There is more to share from our island paradise.  I would share photos and videos, but I can’t find my computer’s power cord.  I stole T’s computer, which meant going into our bedroom, which meant waking him up.  Oops!  This is officially the only time in my life that my child and my husband have been asleep that I haven’t also been intending to sleep.

So, blogging!  A few thoughts:

  • It’s really  nice to be in one place with a baby and to set your schedule around her naps, etc.  What a luxury!  Today, she decided to take three naps.  She’s still nursing to sleep, but when she gets to her sleepy time, she is going down pretty easily.  We generally follow the 2-3-4 plan (two hours after wake up-nap, three hours after 1st nap-2nd nap, four hours after 2nd nap-bedtime),  but she is still a little young and gets a bit cranky before the allotted time to go back down some days.  Also, I totally lied on my last post.  She wakes up around 6:15 or 6:30.  One time she slept in until 7, so I put it on the blog so the universe would think it and then she would get the vibes from the universe to stay down that long.  No such luck.
  • I have been baking bread!  Today was loaf #4.  I got the cookbook, “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day,” off my wedding registry, promptly read it, and then didn’t bake any bread.  But, take heart, friend T in CA (who bought it for me–I just went back and looked at my Amazon registry to see that–is it weird that my registry makes me nostalgic?), I am totally devouring the book now!  Today’s loaf is a thing of beauty, by far the prettiest I’ve made.  And it’s really easy!  Up soon will be homemade pretzels.  Oh man, so much yum.
  • We went snorkeling today and saw a sting ray and a fish swimming around.  Fun!
  • The baby is awake!  More pictures/vids/thoughts another day.

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