I Lost My Pregnancy Weight!

Early on after the birth, I often heard the phrase “9 months up, 9 months down” to encourage mothers to not expect to lose the weight they had gained as the tabloids suggest one might.  Eight months and 9 days later, I can say that I agree with that phrase.

I am now going to over-share and give you a chart of my weight gain and loss for pregnancy.  Why?  Because I like Excel, and I think it’s interesting!  Maybe you will too?

Pregnancy Weight Gain and LossAs you can see, I gained around 45 lbs through the course of pregnancy.  That’s 10 more than I had hoped to gain.  I’ll give myself a 5 lb credit since I went two weeks past my due date, but still.  Less sugar next time, self!

The weight came on pretty steadily between the end of the first trimester (5/14) and her birth (12/6).  After coming home, my weight dropped SO dramatically.  And plateaued.  For a long time.  I don’t have many data points between the beginning of the year and May, but I was surprised at how little weight I lost in that period.  Fortunately, I was still within a range that I could squeeze into my “fat” pants fairly quickly, so I didn’t have to get much of a transition wardrobe.

As faithful readers know, I am still breastfeeding KLC.  Because of that I thought I would lose quickly.  It turns out that breastfeeding may have inhibited my ability to lose quickly because some women’s bodies tend to hold on to an extra 5-10 lbs as “insurance” for milk production at least until 6 months.  Breastfeeding also kept me from going on any stringent diets or starting any major exercise programs.  By the time I felt up for any of that, we were in the middle of a major move, and I wanted to do all I could to protect my milk supply.  (Stress, travel, diet, exercise–all of these can affect it.)

I haven’t been particularly stressed out about the weight loss.  My curiosity has been part scientific (as the graph might lead you to believe).  I did, however, cut out refined sugar and most artificial substitutes for the last approximately 5 weeks.  Sugar is a serious weakness for me, and I have been surprised that giving it up went pretty easily.  I’m allowing myself plenty of wiggle room for special events, and my much steadier energy level is enough reason to keep the change up.

KLC and I head out Wednesday for Sister A’s wedding in Atlanta (followed by T on Thursday), so this good news couldn’t have come at a better time!


3 thoughts on “I Lost My Pregnancy Weight!

  1. Jealous of you because you get to see my parents at A’s wedding & jealous of them that they get to see you & KLC!!! Enjoy your time with family!

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